Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Meagan Sock

I am naming my sock patterns after my sisters and nieces these days.  I have loads of both.  So, I started a new pattern for my niece, Meagan.  The first yarn I am using is my merino/silk sock.  It is the test knit of the pattern.  I love the pattern so far.  Meagan was over to pick up some things and she loves her pattern. 

She specifically asked for turquoise yarn.  I had to hand dye it.  So, I am going to knit her socks out of merino/nylon for better wear. 

I am using US 3 Addi Turbo Rockets.  The pattern is lace and the needles are so amazing!  My cables are 24 inches.  I have two of these needles and they are worth every penny I paid for them.  If you knit as much as I do, invest in quality needles, it saves your hands. 

The Meagan sock is very pretty and the pattern is easy to knit, it isn't a challenging one but, it makes such a pretty sock.  I love the way it looks on the foot as well as on the sock dummy.  I have given up on fancy heel flaps and use my plain old stockinette flap and I have found that more recipients of this heel flap love it more than the fancy stitches.  They frankly don't notice if I have used a fancy stitch or not.  As much as I like the look of the eye of the partridge, I don't even take the time to use it.  I have a basic Dutch heel I use and it is getting rave reviews.  It fits better is what I am hearing. 
It hugs the heel. 

Right now I am hooked on a 9 stitch pattern for my socks.  Hey, it is working out nicely.  I have a basic cast on of an even number of stitches, I have my heel formula written down and it works out nicely.  I just plug in the formula for my patterns and it works out great. 

I am whipping out nice socks with the help of Barbara Walker's Knitting Treasury books.  Well worth the time and effort it took me to find them all.  If you plan to design, invest in them.  They are a great read and a great reference when you need something out of the ordinary. 

I also peruse as many lace books as I can find to make beautiful sock patterns.  Sometimes they work out and other times, you live and you learn.  That is just the way it goes. 

The Meagan sock started out with one pattern but, then I had to rip it out because it didn't work.  I had to move two lace patterns around to make it work.  Now, it is really cool looking and I have plans to make more patterns from my current lace charts.  I plan on intertwining them.  I want to get the best look possible.  Maybe it will work or maybe it won't.  I am still thinking about them.  I know this current pattern, the middle chart is what I will be moving to other socks in my quest for the perfect lace pattern.  It is a beautiful simple lace.  Then again it might not work with Sabrina socks.  It is all trial and error. 

The Meagan sock top picture, in natural sunlight, middle picture, the pattern on the side of the sock and the top of the foot.  It also shows off the sock heel stitches. 
The last picture shows off the chevron pattern on the top of the foot. 

This is a fun knit.  I am working on the leg of the second sock.  Yes, I knit one sock at a time, I am not a two socks at one time knitter.  I love sock knitting, it is my relaxation method.  I also bead when I need more relaxation and sock knitting isn't doing it.