Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Notice the title of this post...rain...something we desperately need around here.  I hope it rains today since it is so hot and dry here.  The rain in the area goes around us.  It isn't fair. 

Yesterday, I spent my day on the couch..stomach flu going around and of course, I was the one to get it.  Gary had a touch of it last night.  Not fun...he also had a migraine and I had to put the cold, wet wash cloth on his forehead so, he could sleep.  Poor guy. 

I finished up one pair of mitts for the shop and I am working on a second set.  I had to rip out and restart a pattern since I realized, it is full of mistakes and will have to be re-written.  That is the way it goes around here. 

I was sent an interesting article about sand and a Kindle.  Basically, put your Kindle in a zip top storage bag should you decide to go to the beach.  Yes, I am thinking of doing just that.  I will have to pack two of them with me.  I love the beach.  :) 

Today is okra picking day and possibly watering since we haven't had rain in days.  Come on rain...we need ya now. 

Friday, July 15, 2011


Today we stopped on the way home at the golf center here in our subdivision.  They re-opened it and I joined the golf club.  Yay!  I get to hit unlimited balls whenever I feel like it.  Always exciting. 

Gary suggested I get out my knee brace and wear it while I hit the balls.  Okay, now the fun part, I have no idea where I put the thing.  I am so out of practice, I will probably be laughed off of the field. 

I found my clubs and I hope to be able to head over there tomorrow and take a swing at a few of them.  The best part...so close to home.  No, I won't be walking over there with my bag and clubs...I will be driving my car over there. 

We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow night and it should be fun.  I have several people I have to give presents to.  July is the big month of birthdays in this family. 

I also worked on the Selbu rose charity knit mitt pattern.  I am almost to the thumb.  Very exciting. 

Where is that Rain?

It is hot here and no rain in sight...when the weatherman says 30% forget it, we aren't getting any.  The huge thunderstorms of last night...passed by us.  Dang!  I think we are in the dead zone. 

I have things cast on but, I am not finishing a thing right now.  No idea what is going on with me but, knitting isn't what I want to do right now. 

I put my merino/silk sock yarn on sale in the shop...must clear out Spring's colors for Fall colors.  Like I want to paint yarn in this heat.  Nothing is selling so...why work?  Oh well, if nothing else, I will be knitting socks with my yarns to sell later. 

Now...I am ready for lunch. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pixie Necklace

Here is my pixie necklace that would be lovely for a little girl or for a very young bride.  It is smaller than other necklaces but, that doesn't matter since it is stunning all on it's own.  :) 

Beading the Day Away

I have been busy working on beading since I am not doing much of anything right now courtesy of the back.  I still have twinges with it and so, I have been sitting in my office chair at my desk creating little wonders out of my stock of beads and buttons. 

Art Deco inspired.

A close up of the art deco inspired necklace.

Dragonfly necklace.

A close look at the dragonfly necklace. 

I need to replenish some of my beads after these two necklaces but, I have to wait until I have some cash for this. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrown Back and Other Things

I threw out my back and let me tell you...it hurts.  It has also created other misfortunes for me.  I hurt everywhere.  I noticed it yesterday in the middle of the grocery store.  I am so thankful I had the grocery cart to push, or I wouldn't have made it. 

Today I am beading since I can sit and do it. I have a beautiful green pendant that called out to me and decided to go ahead and work with it.  It can be a birthday present for some lucky woman. 

I will be working on my mitts for charity later today.  I am on the thumb of the third pair.  I work on them when I can.  I think I am going to take a break from knitting them and work on shop mitts. 

Oh well...hope everyone has a beautiful day. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scrubbing the Bath Tub

Today I woke up and started to sort clothes to donate.  I am getting rid of items that no longer fit.  They are being donated to women vets who need them.  The chapter is having a clothing and toilettries drive in September.  That is our big event of the month. 

I scrubbed the bath tub and even the toilet.  I am trying to make it rain around here, since we are desperate for it.  We need three days of rain.  Seriously.  It is hotter than...well, you know where. 

I am washing the dogs beds.  They need it.  Bootsy's bed is in the wash with serious hot water, oxy clean tabs and Tide activ lift.  I won't describe the smell other than really stinky.  Ewww! 

I wonder if I can drag down the quilts and hang them off of the coolaroo chains.  That would be a nice way for them to dry today.  It will save money by not using the dryer. 

I wish I had a nice clothes line about now.  I miss the fresh smell of clothes right off of the line.  Next house, I am having a clothes line put in. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Spinning Down a Dream

This is what is currently sitting on my spinning wheel.  It is a merino/tussah silk fiber, I picked up from Blarney Yarns on ETSY many moons ago.  I love the colors of this one.  I am on the second batt of this fiber.  I am still thinking about what to ply it with.  I may go with either the turquoise or a lime green.  Even a dark blue would look awesome with this colorway. 

The wheel is my Kromski Minstrel, it is a castle type wheel and it is my pride and joy.  I will do spindle spinning but, this wheel is by far the best thing I have for making fiber into yarn.  It is quick and it exercises my knees.  Always a good thing around here. 

I spin barefoot just so you know.  I have asked several spinners if they wear shoes and the consensus is barefoot.  I don't even wear socks, my feet are bare.  We are an earthy bunch, we spinners. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Ass is Dragging

After a long weekend of fun, festivities, etc...I am completely worn out.  Today I have to wash clothes...bummer but, it has to be done or I won't have any clean undies.  Sigh! 

Saturday was the annual parade in my subdivision and we arrived late to the judging so, we didn't win the float contest this year.  sigh!  There really weren't that many people out watching the parade, I think because it has been so hot and there was no scheduled activities since the heat and no rain cancelled out the fireworks.  Usually, there is a huge event after the parade. 

Sunday we rested and yesterday we went to a bbq.  It was nice to sit and not have to cook.  We ate like piggies and then sat and chatted.  We came home at dusk and spent the night on the couch watching tv.  It was the perfect end to a very nice day. 

I have plans to start on several pairs of little socks for my festival.  I have leftover yarn from other pairs of socks and toddler socks are great for using up any left over yarns. 

The forecast calls for 30% chance of rain but, I won't hold my breath...it won't happen.  I watered last night when we got home and I hope that will help my tomatoes and my okra. 

We have discovered the truly best thing in the world...grilled okra.  It is fabulous!  We did fajitas on Saturday and we grilled some veggies along with the meat and the okra was the hit of the whole event.