Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sometimes the Truth Hurts

I was at the doctor last week since I was feeling poorly.  I had a kidney infection, this I knew since I have suffered from these things before.  So, I ventured forth into the doctor's office to get the pee test done.  Well, bad news...they suspected I had diabetes.  Oh shit! 

I found out yesterday, yep, it is true and I have type 2, which unfortunately, runs in my family.  So, I now have the drugs, the blood glucose test meter, strips, and the lancets with the pain giving device to poke my finger or body parts.  I asked for one that wouldn't hurt my finger tips since I do knit professionally.  I need my finger tips for my needles. 

I also have a round of prednisone for the asthma that is once again out of control.  My right lower lung has been hurting badly.  My doctor decided to do the prednisone to stop any pneumonia from taking hold.  Great.  This raises blood sugar but, it has to be done.  I am finding out slowly what spikes my blood sugar and right now, it isn't great.  I took my fasting sugar this morning and it isn't pretty.  I guess after I get it all under control, life will be better. 

Today I have to wash clothes, which sucks.  I have no more clean clothes, they are all on the pile in the hamper.  It is like the leaning tower of clothes. 

I need Gary to fill my bicycle tires up since I have plans to go riding today as my form of exercise.  I get to do that now as well.  I wish I had a heated pool because I would be in that sucker swimming laps.  Wouldn't that be great?  I would rather swim than anything else.  If I lose enough weight, I can get back into my wetsuit and go swimming in cooler temps.  :) 

Right now though, I am just tired.  Maybe as I get the hang of this disease, life will be better.  Hopefully.  The only thing we have left when the chips are down is hope. 

Happy New Year. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knitting Into the Wee Hours

Yesterday, I sat down and cast on for a hat for my sister, Melinda.  I had promised her this hat for a while.  My first attempt at it resulted in a small hat which I gave to Maribeth, it is really cute.  This time I decided to go ahead and knit the one for her again.  I finished it at 2 am this morning but, it is really sweet looking.  The yarn is a custom paint and it is called Drop Dead Gorgeous.  It turned out really well.  Pictures will follow later when I get my camera out and snap pics. 

Today I have plans to cast on and knit myself a hat.  I need one to match my cape.  :)  I was working on the sock but, put it down.  I am in the middle of the heel flap and I was bored.  I put it down with my count listed on a sticky note. 

Yeah, it is that kind of week over here.  I have to bake cookies at some point and head off to the grocery store for cheese, salad, and other things.  We are going to be hopping from house to house this year.  I have cupcakes for Maribeth since she loves chocolate, they were supposed to be for our play date, I am a good Auntie and I come bearing gifts.  Not my problem if she is sugared up when I leave, that is her Mom's problem.  :D

I have to dig out the marble board and get it ready with my tin of marbles for Saturday.  This game has been in the family since we were kids and I have the original board.  We do some serious marble playing in my family.  We play cut throat marbles.  We play UNO pretty much the same way.  We are all pretty competitive when it comes to games and we still to this day can't play Risk, a right hook or two have been known to come across the table and the board goes flying.  This is from the women in the family, the men aren't as bad. 

I thought of taking my dominoes as well.  I love playing 42 and it is time to teach my nieces and nephews how to play.  We learned to play the game from my Aunt Cecilia.  I have no idea how she had so much patience.  She did and she taught all of her nieces how to play.  I still play recklessly and I have had people threaten me with a spoon or two.  Oh well...not much you can do if you are stuck with the last draw and no two tiles match. 

It is fun though and we also need to teach them how to play Tarok.  I have my deck and I know I gave my sister, Cheryl and deck a couple of years ago.  The last time we played, we were in the game for 8 hours.  It was incredible. 

We do have fun together which is what my parents wanted.  We also look out for one another.  I guess most people don't realize how much if they don't come from a big family.  Being the youngest of 8, I sit and watch it all go down.  You never know what is going to happen between us. 

I hope your memories are as wonderful as mine are in this great time of year.  I hope you all have a very festive Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays for everyone else.  Be safe.  Happy New Year. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Knitting on Something I Love

I am finished with the Joe socks.  Yay!  I never want to see those things on my needles again.  I am sending what is left fo the skein with the socks so, my niece, can darn them when the time comes.  He is her hubby, she can darn his socks or learn to do it.  I am not doing it for him.  I have my own husband's socks to contend with if he doesn't lose them. 

I have yarn galore sitting on my desk right now.  I need to knit socks with it all.  I just have to find the time.  I admit, I am taking my time around here lately. 

What is left in the shop is it for this year and until I get my sales tax and rendition in for the new year, I am not painting until this is taken care of.  I had to pay out the wazoo for last year and I have learned my lesson big time, I am not going to go through that one again. 

I have plans for today to paint two skeins of yarn for hats.  I am knitting two hats for two special people.  I have one hat that needs to be started for my sister, Melinda.  She wants a beanie flap hat.  Can't say that I blame her since I need to make one for me. Great thing, the beanie flap, it is a nice hat pattern that will be keeping my ears warm this year. 

Saturday was the chapter Christmas party and we had a great time.  We went to Brookwood Center in Brookshire, Texas and had lunch at the cafe.  It was fabulous.  Then we went shopping afterwards, I spent some money but, it goes to a great cause, everything they sell goes to the people who need it.  It is for people with disabilities.  It is a neat place.  I highly recommend it.  Make your reservations and head out to the cafe if you are in Texas and near Brookshire.  You won't regret it.  I have seen the reviews and they are 5 stars across the boards and I know why...yummy. 

I am working on another pair of socks right now in the circle sock pattern, yes, I have knit if before but, I do enjoy this pattern very much, it always shows off the yarn I am working with. The yarn I am using right now is Elann's  Dankai.  I chose to use the one with purples, blues, pinks and browns.  It is gorgeous and I can't wait to take pictures of it to show it off.  :) 

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Avoidance Syndrome

I am avoiding the Yeti sock right now.  I turned on the tv and started watching QVC.  This place can sell a starving man anything at all.  I had to leave because I nearly added that Junior's dream cake to my cart.  I had to stop myself.  No cake, I must be good.  Cake is my downfall. 

Yesterday, I kettle dyed a skein of yarn for myself in a gorgeous red.  It is a custom color that I don't think I can repeat.  I am totally out of the base dye and the accent dye is plentiful around here.  I have plans to knit myself a beanie flap hat.  I need one for my cape.  I have a red cape that screams the need for a hat.  I thought a tam would have been great with it or a beret but, those two items leave my ears exposed and me being 41, I need my ears covered since the last time it was cold, my ears were exposed and I managed to get an ear ache.  Yes, I feel like a child.  You would think with my long hair, I would have been warm...nope, I had my hair up in a pony tail. 

Hubby took me out for lunch today since I am feeling so much better although, I get tired, really easily.  I need a nap.  I haven't taken one yet since I was watching the tv.  I did cut out a pattern for another zippy pouch but, I misplaced my interface pattern.  I need to find it and cut out my interface and get moving on this thing.  It is going to be a Christmas present for a friend. 

I think it will be well received. 

I was digging through my fat quarter stash and found some very nice fabrics.  I need more zippers though to do what I want to do.  Isn't that always the way?  I never have what I need around here.  I have plenty of thread but, not enough zippers.  I have to make a trip out for zippers at the fabric store.  I love the nylon zippers, I hate the invisible ones, they blow. 

I had to put Bootsy back into the cone of shame since he kept licking his paws.  He licks them bloody.  It drives me insane when he starts chewing and licking them.  He will have to have the ointment put on them again.  The stuff is completely nasty but, it works.  We are on our second tub of it. 

I hope Gary is almost ready for dinner because I am hungry. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knitting for a Baby Yeti and Other Things of Interest

This is the Joe sock, or the baby Yeti socks, huge freaking feet. 

This is my icy water shawl in progress.  It is sitting by the wayside while I finish the Joe sock. 

Gary has spent time making preserved lemons with all of the lemons around here.  We have more on the tree.  So many more. 

As you can see, we have been busy over here.  I was still feeling gross so, I sat down and started knitting and I managed to turn the heel of the Joe sock, and I am now on the leg portion of the sock.  I can't wait to see the end of these things. 

The Icy water yarn is being knit up into a shawl, I can't remember which one right now, I have put it down while I finish the big sock.  I love this yarn, it is so amazing, it is a pure merino wool and it knits up like a dream.  So incredibly soft.  I am using Susan Bates Silvalume needles on this one because I could find them in my needle bucket and the points are sharp which is perfect for lace.  They were cheap, too. 

The preserved lemons are Gary's work.  He is a pro at this already.  This jar has cinnamon sticks, crystallized ginger, and bay leaf if I am not mistaken.  I have quite the gourmet living with me.  He is a great husband.  I wouldn't trade him in. 

Enjoy my pics this might be it for a while.  I am completely worn out since I didn't have a nap at all today.  That nap makes me feel so much better. 

Knitting Slowly

Right now I am working on the Joe sock, if you are thinking this sounds familiar, yep it is.  This is the second sock for my nephew, Joe.  He wears a size 14 shoe.  I have learned a few things about myself with this particular pair of socks, I am never going to knit another pair of these in fingering weight yarn.  It is just taking me forever.  I am bored out of my mind right now and my eye keeps wandering to other gorgeous yarns that I could be using to knit myself socks. 

I have to admit it...I am thinking if people want socks from me, they are in for a serious disappointment.  I am not knitting socks for anyone other than myself for a while.  I am going to be selfish and use this talent for me.  I washed my merino/silk butterfly fields socks and oh my...they are so comfy.  I reblocked them after I washed them and I am seriously in love with this yarn all over again.  No wonder why I adore knitting with it.  I come back to it time and again. 

I had ordered in some sewing patterns, I belong to a pattern club where I get a nice discount on patterns.  I have several patterns I want to do for myself.  I will need a trip to the fabric store when I am feeling better. 

I learned something new yesterday...did you know that lavender was at one point in time used to disinfect hospital surgeries?  It has amazing properties that I never knew about until I read an article about it.  It can cure many things.  I never knew this.  I have a bar of lavender soap that I adore and well, it is helping my poor old asthmatic skin.  I have the dry skin that most asthmatics have unfortunately.  My lavender soap is helping get it back on to a decent track.  Cold weather has serious effects on my skin, making it far worse than normal.  Lotions don't work on this skin.  I hate feeling greasy and sticky from them. 

I also learned that pleather has to be sewn with a teflon presser foot and a fine point needle.  The article I read basically said do not use the leather needle since it will leave great big holes in the fabric.  I had to order in the presser foot so, I can sew my rain poncho.  The presser foot was cheap but the shipping was completely outrageous since it cost more than the foot.  I have plans to zing the seller on that one.  What they fail to realize is that I ship things and I know how much it costs.  I don't like being screwed on postage, it just ticks me off.  I don't over charge on postage for my packages, I charge what the post office charges. 

I am also ticked off at family members who don't tell people they have moved until a Christmas card shows up with the new address on it.  I point blank shared my displeasure with my brother in law on this.  If he doesn't want us to know where he lives, then he damn well doesn't deserve a Christmas present and from now on he won't be receiving one from us.  Neither will his kids.  Think about that and put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Now, I am going to go sit and knit.  Maybe it will cheer me up, I need something to do that.  Maybe Ody will decide he needs me to snuggle with him. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011


What a day...I went and dealt with a chapter function which was a huge success.  I am so proud of the ladies in my chapter.  Way to go! 

I was driving home and I couldn't figure out why the person in front of me on the feeder road was going so damn slow.  I creeped up on the bumper and realized it was Gary in front of me.  I passed him as soon as he moved over to the other lane.  He was driving like an old lady.  I was going home and doing it in my usual fashion, fast. 

I came home, I made myself a sandwich with some incredible soft cheese, I found at the grocery store last was expensive but, so worth it.  I made it with a peppered ham that we had bought.  I picked two fresh lettuce leaves out of the garden for my sandwich and toasted my French country bread.  It was incredible.  We are going to have to go buy more of that cheese.  :) 

I also made myself a cup of hot cocoa, it is peppermint flavored with bits of candy cane in the mix.  I found it at Wally world and it wasn't cheap but, it is so damn good that I plan to go buy more of it.  I put in a soft mint stick, add whipped cream to the top and have at it.  It is killer good.  It is by Stephens.  I looked on line and it isn't cheap, I will go back to Wally world to get more of it on Monday.  I have to mail 12 boxes of packed items for our military.  Yay! 

I have a recipe for all of you turkey lovers out there...when you have so much leftover turkey that you can't eat another sandwich, try this out.  It is Turkey Verde Enchiladas. 

This recipe works best if you have fresh flour tortillas, I buy mine at my local HEB. 

Take your turkey and make sure it is off of the bones, cut it into small pieces or shred it.  Set aside. 

You will need a can of cream of chicken, do not add water, a tub of sour cream, the 8 ounce size works well for a small batch, double your cream of chicken and sour cream if you have a big family.  One bag of shredded Mexican cheese, and two cans of verde enchilada sauce. 

Mix your cream of chicken soup, with your sour cream, the shredded cheese, save some of the cheese for sprinkling on top of the enchiladas, add 1 can of verde enchilada sauce, and your turkey, mix it together, well. 
Take a baking pan, and grease it.  Turn your oven on to 350F and preheat it. 
Grab those flour tortillas and start spooning the mixture into the tortilla, wrap it around the mixture, and place the seam of the tortilla on the bottom of the pan, grab another tortilla and do the same, when you go to add it to the pan, gently push it against the first one, and continue adding filled tortillas to the pan and gently pushing the previous one until your pan is full.  When you have the desired amount, take the second can of verde sauce and pour over the enchiladas, then top with cheese.  You can also save some sour cream and put it on top of the enchiladas, then add the sauce, and the cheese is always last. 

Bake in your 350F oven for 45 minutes covered with aluminum foil. 

We made these and the recipe made enough for 4 people easily.  It works well with cooked  chicken breast instead of turkey.  If you are using chicken breast, you will have to boil the breasts in salted and seasoned water before adding to the mixture. 

We had to do something with all of our leftover turkey and this is a great recipe for just that. 

Enjoy!  Have a safe and wonderful weekend. 

Shopped Out

Today I was sent a sale for a cricut cake machine mini for $29.95.  Just so you know where to go, when the time comes.  They area also offering free shipping.  This machine normally sells for $179.95.  This is a steal for this particular machine.  It is the smaller machine than the big boy, I own.  I haven't had time to play with my machine as of yet.  It was on sale for the past couple of weeks for $49.95.  It normally sells for $449.95.  Yeah, that kind of sale. 

Yesterday, I went with my sister to get the last Christmas presents for the nephews and my feet when we were done, were tired.  I managed to get what I needed and then some.  I was on a peppermint kick yesterday.  I managed to get some peppermint hot cocoa, burned my mouth on a free cup of coffee, they were trying to sell the Keurig machine and well, it works nicely and quickly, I just had to realize that the smell of that coffee was so amazing and incredibly hot.  I asked for one of those machines for Christmas.  :)  I can't wait to play with it. 

Last night, I wasn't cooking dinner since I was worn out.  We were going for Mexican but changed to Vietnamese at the last minute and hit the Pho place.  They have the best pan fried dumplings as an appetizer, I had the bun.  Gary had the fried rice.  Lately, we have been having a lot of Cuban.  I love this one place that sells it over here....amazing food. 

Yarn is still on sale in the shop but, will be ending at the end of December or when I completely sell out of what is in the shop.  No more yarn will be coming into the shop.  I don't have time with the Christmas season and I can't afford to pay for new yarns in the shop, tax time is around the corner and the least amount of painted yarn I have, the better. 

Time for a nice sandwich with fresh lettuce out of my garden.  Yummy!