Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shopped Out

Today I was sent a sale for a cricut cake machine mini for $29.95.  Just so you know where to go, when the time comes.  They area also offering free shipping.  This machine normally sells for $179.95.  This is a steal for this particular machine.  It is the smaller machine than the big boy, I own.  I haven't had time to play with my machine as of yet.  It was on sale for the past couple of weeks for $49.95.  It normally sells for $449.95.  Yeah, that kind of sale. 

Yesterday, I went with my sister to get the last Christmas presents for the nephews and my feet when we were done, were tired.  I managed to get what I needed and then some.  I was on a peppermint kick yesterday.  I managed to get some peppermint hot cocoa, burned my mouth on a free cup of coffee, they were trying to sell the Keurig machine and well, it works nicely and quickly, I just had to realize that the smell of that coffee was so amazing and incredibly hot.  I asked for one of those machines for Christmas.  :)  I can't wait to play with it. 

Last night, I wasn't cooking dinner since I was worn out.  We were going for Mexican but changed to Vietnamese at the last minute and hit the Pho place.  They have the best pan fried dumplings as an appetizer, I had the bun.  Gary had the fried rice.  Lately, we have been having a lot of Cuban.  I love this one place that sells it over here....amazing food. 

Yarn is still on sale in the shop but, will be ending at the end of December or when I completely sell out of what is in the shop.  No more yarn will be coming into the shop.  I don't have time with the Christmas season and I can't afford to pay for new yarns in the shop, tax time is around the corner and the least amount of painted yarn I have, the better. 

Time for a nice sandwich with fresh lettuce out of my garden.  Yummy! 

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