Friday, February 7, 2014

New Socks in the Works!

Yesterday, I cast on for another pair of socks.  I have a very large family and we all have very cold feet.  So, I had promised my sister, Melinda a pair of socks.  I am currently working on the leg portion of those socks.  They are cruising along at a good pace.  At this point, I can knit socks in my sleep. 

This is the start of my sock.  I chose to dye the yarn for this pair.  It is a merino wool sock yarn.  I am calling it blackberry.  It is a nice color.  The pattern is named after my sister, Melinda.  So, this is the Melinda sock. 

I have more than this completed right now, it is moving quickly.  I can't wait to get to the heel flap and heel turn, then it should really move.  This is another lace pattern.  I am knitting this sock on US 3's. 

After I finish this pair, I have another pair to knit.  My sister in law, Kim wants a pair of socks to keep her feet warm at work.  So, I ordered in some Elann Peruvian Highland wool in worsted weight in chocolate truffle.  She wants a lace pattern, the lipstick sock pattern but, I know she won't be happy with the holes in the sock with her current cold foot issues.  So, I am going to knit her a pair of the worsted weight wool socks and then if she really wants a fashionable lace pair, I will custom dye her some wool in sock weight to knit her a pair.  She really needs the warmth factor right now and I can really move on a pair of wool socks in worsted weight. 

I knit the hubby a pair a couple of years ago and he saves them for really cold days and wears them only at his desk. 

This one is a fun knit.  It really doesn't offer much in the way of a challenge unless you are a novice knitter.  My preferred method of sock knitting, two circs and one at a time.  I love knitting each sock as one, it takes the fun out of it, to do two socks at once, then it becomes something other than a joyful experience.  I know this way, that my socks are well appreciated and well loved not to mention, I can take my time.  I tried the two at one time method and it made me crazy.  I don't need any more crazy in my life, I have enough of it. 

As much as I love hand painted yarns, they unfortunately do not show the lace patterns all that well.  If you are painting your sock yarn, please be aware, that you will need to do a tone on tone painting.  Meaning...if you paint your sock yarn pink, then use several shades of pink.  It does work out well with lace patterns.  Any drastic colors really don't show up with lace.  One of my sock yarns I paint, Witch Hazel Flies by the Seat of her Pants is a great example.  I have stressed this more than once to each and every person who requests it.  Lace will not work with it.  A heavier pattern must be used for the sock yarn to show off the pattern.  I recommend the circle socks for it.  It can be found on Ravelry.  It is a fun knit. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lipstick Socks, Completed!

I finished the socks yesterday and proceeded to block the last one.  This is the end result.  Lipstick socks for my niece, Anita.  It was an easy knit, loved every minute of it. 

I was playing with the hubby's light box with this one and I was trying to find the best place to shine the light to get the best results.  I love the shadows of the bottom picture.  It really shows off the pattern to the best advantage. 

This sock is merino/silk.  I hand dyed the yarn and the pattern does not show up with a painted yarn.  I tried it out and nope, it will not work. 

I have had several requests from family members for this sock to be knit for them.  I will be knitting this one for forever.  It turned out really well.  I haven't written down the pattern, yet. 

This is one sexy sock.  I even told my niece, she will have a pair of originals, hers were the first pair off of this pattern.  She has the test socks.  I plan on dyeing more yarn in solids for this pattern.