Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Hey, Phineas...What are We Going to Knit Today?"

Yesterday was knit a potato chip scarf and I am still working on it.  I also did a stash dig since I am looking for homespun yarn by Lion brand, it makes super comfy ponchos.  It takes 3 balls and they are so worth it. I made myself one last year and I love it. 

I have yarn sitting on the desk for mitts.  Those lovely fingerless confections that keep hands nice and toasty and yet, you can still pick up things.  They are great as gifts and so easy to knit.  If you can follow a color chart with your sticky notes than you too can knit them.  They involve stranding instead of two hand weaving via Fair Isle.  I know that several people have told me that I am crazy to knit a chart with two colors of yarn.  It is super simple people, it just takes the time to learn where to start the chart..hint...lower right corner for the left mitt and lower left corner for the right mitt.  Simple and as you move up a row, move your sticky note up with you.  See...simple. 

I noticed several yarn previews and it seems that mohair is back as a favorite for knitters...if you knit with it, a word of advice, it doesn't frog too easily, it likes to tangle and stick.  So, be wary of it.  And for those people who insist on chenille in their patterns, the crap worms like crazy and if you haven't experienced this...imagine being near a cat at the vet when they shed like crazy.  Well, that is how it is working with chenille.  Chenille flying every where.  Makes my nose itch just thinking of it. 

I found two hats that I didn't even know I knitted last night in my stash dig.  I was also searching for my tag gun since I finally got in my tag barbs.  I have to price things over here and write down washing instructions for each piece.  Always fun and exciting.  It takes a lot to get ready for this thing but, it is my one time of the year to shine and show off my hard work in person. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We are finally working on our master bathroom again.  We went and looked at tiles at a place that does tile and flooring...they are super cheap and we picked out a new tile color with accents.  I can't seem to get enough of glass tiles, they are so awesome.  We are going to spend some bucks to get the house into order.  We need to do this already since the house is starting to look a little worn.  Gary is doing really well with replacing items that have been needing it since we moved in 9 years ago.  He did a fabulous job on the weather stripping for the exterior doors.  No more air leaks for us on that front. 

Today is wash towels, and sheets before the 2 pm cut off.  We have that rule that says if you don't need it on, cut if off, otherwise there will be rolling black outs.  Not fun.  So from 2 to 7 pm, we have to cut off what we don't absolutely need.  I have to wash what I can as fast as I can before 2 pm. 

Ask me what I really want to knit?  Socks!  I want to lose myself in a pair of fine wool socks.  Instead, I have mitts to knit and they suck.  Yep, not too inclined to knit them right now.  I want to be free to knit what I want...not what I need. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is What I Know

This year for Christmas, I have already mentioned to my DH that I will not be spending a cent.  We have a roof to pay off right now and that cash going out.  So, I am lining up my yarns to make presents this year.  I am making him some socks which he knows about.  I am waiting to see what he is giong to make for me.  I have so many things I want him to make for me.  One of them is the yarn holder for the office.  I would love a chicken coop like shelf for my office to hold my yarns.  I will get with him later to talk about it. 

I have been digging in my stash looking for yarns.  I was invited to a church bazaar but, I can't decide if I should do it since I am gearing up for my festival.  I am trying to find out how much the church bazaar price tag is for vendors.  If it is cheap, I might just do it. 

Currently, I am knitting away and painting yarns for my festival.  I have a nice selection this year.  No, it isn't all listed in the shop right now.  I have yarns to wind out for the shop, they are downstairs drying right now.  I was busy yesterday.  I painted 9 yarns.  It was hot outside and I figured, might as well while the sun is shining.  We have had a lot of that lately. 

I am thinking of putting together the loom and doing some weaving as well.  It should be fun.  :) 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Beanie Flap

This is my beanie flap hat that I have been working on for a while.  The second and third photos show the yarn that my niece, Maribeth asked me to paint for her and then she asked for this hat to be knit.  Since she is my youngest niece, I said yes. 
I have a hat on the needles right now and I finished a pair of mitts.  I just have to reinforce the thumb on the last one and they are ready to be sold.  I am trying to get my warm items knit up for my festival.

In other news...I did manage to do some much needed yarn painting and I have to list two more skeins when I can get to it.  I am trying to do too much with as little time as I have.  Hey, it is the story of every knitter I know out there.  We always take on too much. 

We had glorious rain last night with orange lightning, if you can well imagine.  We woke up to rain this morning, it was so amazing.  I slept like a baby because of that rain.  I know my veggies in the garden are so loving this.  Yes! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Going On

With our complete lack of rain around here my asthma has been so out of control.  I had to go to the doctor for a check up for the foot, it is doing it's thing again and he has me on a new antibiotic and the antivirals along with prednisone for the mucus in my chest.  I was hoping it wasn't another bout of pneumonia.  I am tired of the mucus.  I wake up to it, I go to sleep to it and the corticosteroid inhaler isn't helping so, I have 5 days of the prednisone.  If that doesn't work then I will have to have a chest x-ray and a round of antibiotics.  I am so tired of taking medicine. 

I also had to get a tetanus shot with a pertussis shot.  For those of you who don't know that is...whooping cough.  For those dumb asses who refuse to get their kids vaccinated all of these diseases that were once wiped out are back.  Think about how socially irresponsible these people are and the diseases that are making their way back into society.  Do you want to catch these things?  I sure as hell don't. 

The scary one is polio, can you imagine that coming back? 

I have been busy while I am dealing with my issues, knitting like a mad fiend.  I have a hat on the needles and a pair of mitts on a second set of needles.  I work on both daily.  I am to the point where I need to move to dpns for the hat.  I just don't have a set free.  I am not going out to buy another set since I have two sets of the things around here, I just have to put another project on stitch holders to use that set of dpns. 

I am also painting yarn when I can.  I have to rewind some today and list them later.  I want to paint more yarn as well.  I am trying to get what I can done and ready for the shop while we are in the middle of this lousy drought.  The heat dries the yarn fast. 

I bought some of the good wool/nylon sock yarn today for presents.  I have plans to knit socks that will hold up to carpet nicely for presents.  I have a pair of socks on my needles for Gary, he knows he is getting a pair of nice socks for Christmas this year.  I am trying to save money and yes, I know, buying sock yarn isn't conducive to saving money but, it is if the socks will last several years.  This is a great thing. 

I have pictures of my hats that I have been knitting on my camera, just no time to upload it all.  I will have to deal with it soon.  I am trying to get my business ready for my October festival.  If our winter is as harsh this year as it was last year then I am hoping I will sell out of my stuff.  People will need wool to keep warm. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hat Mode

I am in hat knitting mode right now and I need to move on to mitten and mitts mode.  I think after I finish this hat that I am currently working on, I will try to get into mitts mode.  Yesterday, I went shopping with my sister and niece, it is tax free weekend in Texas which means if you buy school clothes or clothes in general, you get it tax free.  Lovely.  I bought myself some bras and panties, they were very much needed. 

Shoes are also included in the mix.  I didn't buy any of those since I have shoes.  Many pairs of shoes and so, I thought it would be wasteful to purchase something I didn't need. 

I was knitting while shopping yesterday.  I finished Maribeth's hat.  She had asked me to custom paint her a skein of yarn and then knit her a hat out of it.  I was working on it in the clothing store and in the shoe store. I started to work on the crown after fitting it on her.  So, it is ready to go and I am including extra yarn with it, in case my sister has to darn it.  You never know how much damage they can take before they start to ravel.  I believe in reinforcing my stuff that I knit. 

Today is starting out hot and we sure could use some serious rain.  I wish it would rain and I am asking that everyone pray for rain for us.  We need it desperately. 

I have to get myself moving, I have many things that need my attention this morning.  Ya'll have a safe and beautiful weekend. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yesterday, I went with my sister to her wally world to pick up several much needed items.  We are trying to spend as little as possible because we are finally going to try and work on our bathroom after what...5 years?  I think that might be the amount. 

I am slowly getting it all together.  I have been working on knitting hats with ear flaps for the business.  I sleep with my splint on, just to deal with the hand.  I still can't hold a golf club.  So, I can't go back to doing that activity. 

Tomorrow is my jewelry class that I am teaching to the ladies in my chapter.  Fun.  Several have said they can't make it.  Oh well. 

Friday I believe is my girl's day out with my niece...she leaves for college this weekend.  I will miss her.  She is a sophmore this year.  I think we are planning on taking her out for some retail therapy and then out to lunch.  It should be fun for her...hopefully.  She has been chauffering around her dad, my big brother, who tore his achilles tendon.  He is in a cast on crutches and has been doing what he isn't supposed to...sounds familiar, doesn't it? Yep, it runs in the family.  So, he will be in that cast longer than what he anticipated.  I know, I am still in my knee cast since I have been bad and I realized yesterday in Wally world that I can't move in certain directions since I twisted the knee and felt it give a small bit, it is all swollen again.  Arrgghh! 

I want to swim today to help relieve it.  It works.  Plus with this lousy heat wave, the pool is a wonderful place to be. 

Tonight is super cheesy mac skillet with fresh green beans with bacon.  Yummy. 
I had bought some of the new Twinkies with strawberry filling..not a good combo if you are used to the white filling.  Maybe I am just getting old.  Who knows. 

Now I am going to go make myself a fresh tomato, baby spinach and cheese omelette.  I had Gary buy me a bag of baby spinach yesterday when he went grocery shopping. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Carpal Tunnel

I blew out my right hand courtesy of my carpal tunnel syndrome.  One of these days I will have to get it fixed but, that would mean taking off more time from knitting than I have right now.  I am wearing my splint and I am sleeping in it as well.  I just wish they made a more comfy splint for this affliction. 

I had to give up my membership to the golf club since I can't hold a golf club right now and that is $50 a month not being used so, I let them know to drop my membership.  I guess when it heals, I will go back and re-sign up for it.  They were pretty understanding about it.  I am thinking I was one of the only women out there.  I noticed it was full of men and no women. 

Still no rain in the forecast...we are so desperate for it down here.  My water bill is about $60 this month.  We usually have a $34 water bill in good times.  So, you see what is happening...we need rain. 

I am collecting seed pods off of the okra for next year's planting.  I also will be choosing which tomatoes I will have next year as Mr. Stripey for example since it is not producing since it is too hot here for it.  I am going for the Cherokee purple, that is the most amazing tomato I have ever eaten.  The cherry tomato is going to come back as well since it is a fabulous producer and the flavor is so amazing.  No corn next year, a big waste of my time.  Green beans did well until the drought started.  They were yummy.  I wish I had more space for a bigger garden.  Gary won't let me expand.  I have begged.  It didn't work.  sigh! 

Swimming tonight, I think to beat the heat.  I won't go out there right now since the sun and heat would rip my hide right off of me.  Ya'll have a safe and happy weekend. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

South Texas Bontanical Gardens

We hit the botanical gardens on our vacation and here are some of the flowers and plants we saw.  I love the cactus they have, just so much texture and it looks amazing against the blue sky.  The top photo was a gorgeous flowering tree.  The second photo was a plant in the hummingbird garden and the third photo is a plant that was just growing by the path and I love the color of the flowers. 

North Padre Island, Texas

On the island, I took this one from the car...notice the blurred images. 

Another view from the car.  I love the colors in this one.  This is the salt flat with the dunes way in the background. 

The beach at North Padre Island National Seashore. 

Our view of the sand dunes with part of Gary's cabana in the view. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Working on Christmas Presents

Right now I am working on the family Christmas gift.  It is hand made since I am not spending money this year on gifts.  I have plans to knit my hubby a gift or two.  He has requested socks.  This is a big deal since he has huge feet. 

I have other things to knit as well.  I have ear flap hats to knit, mitts, etc.  It is a working Christmas for me.  I figure it will be good for me to show off my skills. 

If it is as cold as last year, people will appreciate this skill set I have when they are nice and toasty warm from all my woolen goods. 

Learning to knit can possibly save you from spending big bucks on items that are normally made out of cheap ass acrylic and it only makes you sweat and retain that water next to your skin.  Not warm at all.  Wool lets your skin breathe while keeping you warm, even while wet.  :)  Wool will not burn unless a match or flame is placed directly against it with pressure. 

So for all of those people who tell me each year that wool isn't ideal for Texas...blow it out your butt because it is.  I wear wool blend socks all of the time in winter and it feels amazing to have warm tooties.  Try cold feet and then we will talk.  It isn't pleasant especially when we have super humid winters here and the cold goes straight through you. 

Okay, I am off of my soap box now.  :)  Anyway, I have plans to work on several items for several people.  Today I am getting back to work on painting and dyeing yarns.  I worked for a bit yesterday with a killer migraine.  Not fun, let me tell you.  Hopefully, I will be able to get more yarn taken care of. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back From Vacation

We made it home from vacation on Thursday.  We picked up the doggies, and they were so happy to see us.  The place we used to board them was so much cheaper than any other place around and they took incredibly good care of them.  I am going to use that boarding facility from now on. 

We went to Corpus Christi on vacation, we hit the beach on North Padre Island.  We chose to do the national sea shore since you pay, $10 and can use your pass for 7 days.  Nice.  We both had our pop up cabanas and our blankets.  It was nice.  I took along spf 50+ and still managed to get sunburned.  We had fun playing in the waves and on the last day of the beach...I couldn't even stand up since the rip tide was dragging my legs out from under me and Gary had to grab me to keep me from falling over.  He would drag me back to him. 

It was so hot and dry down there, they were praying for the tropical system to come and give them relief.  We hit the South Texas botanical gardens and it was okay, we both agreed it would be much better in Spring when there is rain. 

We went to the Texas State Aquarium and it was alright.  Nothing to write home about.  I had been there before and Gary hadn't so, we went.  The otters were the best part of it and the rescued sea turtles. 

We found good food and went out of our way to get fabulous pizza on Wednesday night.  When we walked into the hotel from the restaurant with our box, we were getting looks from the could see they had been there and knew what was in our box.  Yummies! 

We were able to rest and recuperate.  I am ready to go again but, it was very nice to get home. 

We came home to hot weather, no rain, and laundry. 

We went to the Texas Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston, it was interesting.  Gary and I managed to slip away from our docent...we were bored out of our socks.  Most of it, I knew from Texas History in 7th grade and also from my Mom who loved history very much. 

I had wanted to stop at Goliad on the way home to see the Presidio at La Bahia but, Gary didn't want any part of it.  I had been there before as a child, courtesy of Mom.  She made sure we knew our Texas history.  I told him it would be neat.  He didn't agree. 

Now...I am going to be getting back to work since I have a festival to get ready for in October.  I have yarn to prepare and kits to organize along with lots of knitting.  Who knows we may have a really cold winter and everyone will need my knits to keep them warm.