Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Beanie Flap

This is my beanie flap hat that I have been working on for a while.  The second and third photos show the yarn that my niece, Maribeth asked me to paint for her and then she asked for this hat to be knit.  Since she is my youngest niece, I said yes. 
I have a hat on the needles right now and I finished a pair of mitts.  I just have to reinforce the thumb on the last one and they are ready to be sold.  I am trying to get my warm items knit up for my festival.

In other news...I did manage to do some much needed yarn painting and I have to list two more skeins when I can get to it.  I am trying to do too much with as little time as I have.  Hey, it is the story of every knitter I know out there.  We always take on too much. 

We had glorious rain last night with orange lightning, if you can well imagine.  We woke up to rain this morning, it was so amazing.  I slept like a baby because of that rain.  I know my veggies in the garden are so loving this.  Yes! 

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