Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hat Mode

I am in hat knitting mode right now and I need to move on to mitten and mitts mode.  I think after I finish this hat that I am currently working on, I will try to get into mitts mode.  Yesterday, I went shopping with my sister and niece, it is tax free weekend in Texas which means if you buy school clothes or clothes in general, you get it tax free.  Lovely.  I bought myself some bras and panties, they were very much needed. 

Shoes are also included in the mix.  I didn't buy any of those since I have shoes.  Many pairs of shoes and so, I thought it would be wasteful to purchase something I didn't need. 

I was knitting while shopping yesterday.  I finished Maribeth's hat.  She had asked me to custom paint her a skein of yarn and then knit her a hat out of it.  I was working on it in the clothing store and in the shoe store. I started to work on the crown after fitting it on her.  So, it is ready to go and I am including extra yarn with it, in case my sister has to darn it.  You never know how much damage they can take before they start to ravel.  I believe in reinforcing my stuff that I knit. 

Today is starting out hot and we sure could use some serious rain.  I wish it would rain and I am asking that everyone pray for rain for us.  We need it desperately. 

I have to get myself moving, I have many things that need my attention this morning.  Ya'll have a safe and beautiful weekend. 

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