Monday, August 1, 2011

Back From Vacation

We made it home from vacation on Thursday.  We picked up the doggies, and they were so happy to see us.  The place we used to board them was so much cheaper than any other place around and they took incredibly good care of them.  I am going to use that boarding facility from now on. 

We went to Corpus Christi on vacation, we hit the beach on North Padre Island.  We chose to do the national sea shore since you pay, $10 and can use your pass for 7 days.  Nice.  We both had our pop up cabanas and our blankets.  It was nice.  I took along spf 50+ and still managed to get sunburned.  We had fun playing in the waves and on the last day of the beach...I couldn't even stand up since the rip tide was dragging my legs out from under me and Gary had to grab me to keep me from falling over.  He would drag me back to him. 

It was so hot and dry down there, they were praying for the tropical system to come and give them relief.  We hit the South Texas botanical gardens and it was okay, we both agreed it would be much better in Spring when there is rain. 

We went to the Texas State Aquarium and it was alright.  Nothing to write home about.  I had been there before and Gary hadn't so, we went.  The otters were the best part of it and the rescued sea turtles. 

We found good food and went out of our way to get fabulous pizza on Wednesday night.  When we walked into the hotel from the restaurant with our box, we were getting looks from the could see they had been there and knew what was in our box.  Yummies! 

We were able to rest and recuperate.  I am ready to go again but, it was very nice to get home. 

We came home to hot weather, no rain, and laundry. 

We went to the Texas Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston, it was interesting.  Gary and I managed to slip away from our docent...we were bored out of our socks.  Most of it, I knew from Texas History in 7th grade and also from my Mom who loved history very much. 

I had wanted to stop at Goliad on the way home to see the Presidio at La Bahia but, Gary didn't want any part of it.  I had been there before as a child, courtesy of Mom.  She made sure we knew our Texas history.  I told him it would be neat.  He didn't agree. 

Now...I am going to be getting back to work since I have a festival to get ready for in October.  I have yarn to prepare and kits to organize along with lots of knitting.  Who knows we may have a really cold winter and everyone will need my knits to keep them warm. 

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