Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Going On

With our complete lack of rain around here my asthma has been so out of control.  I had to go to the doctor for a check up for the foot, it is doing it's thing again and he has me on a new antibiotic and the antivirals along with prednisone for the mucus in my chest.  I was hoping it wasn't another bout of pneumonia.  I am tired of the mucus.  I wake up to it, I go to sleep to it and the corticosteroid inhaler isn't helping so, I have 5 days of the prednisone.  If that doesn't work then I will have to have a chest x-ray and a round of antibiotics.  I am so tired of taking medicine. 

I also had to get a tetanus shot with a pertussis shot.  For those of you who don't know that is...whooping cough.  For those dumb asses who refuse to get their kids vaccinated all of these diseases that were once wiped out are back.  Think about how socially irresponsible these people are and the diseases that are making their way back into society.  Do you want to catch these things?  I sure as hell don't. 

The scary one is polio, can you imagine that coming back? 

I have been busy while I am dealing with my issues, knitting like a mad fiend.  I have a hat on the needles and a pair of mitts on a second set of needles.  I work on both daily.  I am to the point where I need to move to dpns for the hat.  I just don't have a set free.  I am not going out to buy another set since I have two sets of the things around here, I just have to put another project on stitch holders to use that set of dpns. 

I am also painting yarn when I can.  I have to rewind some today and list them later.  I want to paint more yarn as well.  I am trying to get what I can done and ready for the shop while we are in the middle of this lousy drought.  The heat dries the yarn fast. 

I bought some of the good wool/nylon sock yarn today for presents.  I have plans to knit socks that will hold up to carpet nicely for presents.  I have a pair of socks on my needles for Gary, he knows he is getting a pair of nice socks for Christmas this year.  I am trying to save money and yes, I know, buying sock yarn isn't conducive to saving money but, it is if the socks will last several years.  This is a great thing. 

I have pictures of my hats that I have been knitting on my camera, just no time to upload it all.  I will have to deal with it soon.  I am trying to get my business ready for my October festival.  If our winter is as harsh this year as it was last year then I am hoping I will sell out of my stuff.  People will need wool to keep warm. 

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