Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Travel Pillow

The travel pillow side A

The travel pillow side B

Here is the travel pillow all finished.  I stuffed it with polyester fiberfill.  I had a bag in my stash.  Would you ever guess this was supposed to be a Christmas tree skirt?  If nothing else, this has taught me to make something else.  I serged the inside of the neck so, it will take the wear and tear.  Hopefully, hubby will use it. I guess it will be the only like it on an airplane. 

Tennis Elbow Persists...

Well, I am not a good patient at all.  I am still dealing with the damn tennis elbow.  I am not supposed to use my arm.  I use that arm for everything.  So, it is still bothering me and besides the lectures the hubby gives me about it...that is making me crazy!  Try to not use an arm for a while, it is essential.  I guess I can call the hubby to do everything for me.  He doesn't have the time.  So, I use the arm...big Catch 22. 

So, a month ago, I bought a 2 ft fake light up Christmas tree. It was 50% off. I started looking for a tree skirt, nothing out there that I liked and when I did find one, expensive.  I don't do expensive, I love to bargain shop.  I refuse to pay $50 for a mini tree skirt.  So, I did the next best thing, I hit the fabric store and found my fabrics.  I buy pretty much all of my fabric in the 1 yard increment unless I need more.  I bought several fabrics in the Christmas theme and used my coupons.  Love coupons!  Most of my items were on sale and I came out of there pretty good.  I decided to design my own tree skirt.  How hard can that be? 

Think tree skirt and now take an idiot, that would be me, when it came to this idea...I can't believe I did that.  I even told the hubby how much of an idiot I was for even thinking of doing it that way, I made a travel pillow in Christmas fabric.  Yeah, that good.  I will finish sewing that one and stuff it full of fiber fill.  It is pretty but, come on...what in the world was I thinking?  No idea! 

So, I went back and re-cut my fabric and figured it out.  Sometimes it takes a while.  This time it did.  I finished my tree skirt.  Woo!  It looks fabulous on my little tree. 
Christmas travel pillow

My first Christmas tree skirt

Another view of my first Christmas tree skirt
I  have it on my sewing/craft table right now.  I think it is going to live there and after I finish designing and sewing my angel, she will go on top of the tree.  I bought remnant fabrics for her. I plan to take the left over fabric from the travel pillow to make her outfit.  She will be a rag doll angel.  I think she will be pretty and easy to sew. 

I used a quilting technique for my tree skirt because I can't seem to work with bias tape.  No idea how the stuff works.  I am  self taught at sewing.  I don't even use patterns, they screw me up.  I look at it and figure out how it is supposed to work.  Hence the travel pillow.  I even used the serging stitches that came with my Janome DC 1050 machine.  Love my Janome.  It sure as hell beats the Singer I learned to sew on.  I don't miss the "clack, clack, clack" of that Singer.  I would oil the hell out of the thing and it still made that awful noise.  I gave the machine to my niece, Kate.  She sews on it.  She likes it.  Now her older sister, I found a beginners Janome on sale and bought her that one.  It is nice with it's built in stitches.  I am hoping she will take the time to learn to use her machine. 

I have given up on teaching them to knit.  I hope they do learn to sew.  It comes in handy.  I have found that one out. 

I have put off sewing my tree skirt and after working out the logistics of this one, I might make myself another one in another color.  I have plans to use my little tree again.  This year, I just do not feel like dealing with our big tree.  I have no desire to mess with it.  I bought some mini ornaments and I have ribbon for this tree as my garland.  It should be sweet. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Tennis Elbow

I was diagnosed with tennis elbow last week.  I do not play tennis.  If I would play tennis, I would have to wear one of those little tennis skirts and I would have to book my court.  That is how it works in my subdivision because it seems two women beat the hell out of each other one day with their tennis rackets fighting over a court. 

I know...right? 

So, I am in my own version of hell because I can't knit.  No knitting and it is about to drive me around the bend.  Crocheting is out since it is my right arm.

I am limited with what I can do with my right hand and arm.  If I do something I am not supposed to, my fingers go numb.  Great.  Grocery shopping was fun today.  I have to learn to not use the arm.  It was painful on the way out of the store.  I am glad I took the Escape, it is easy to get into and out of and it is easy to load groceries into. Love that pop up back end. 

Since the corgi and I have both gained weight, today I decided was the first day of exercising outside the home.  I took him on a walk.  We have to start small and work our way up to the mile.  The vet said he needs to weigh in at 29 pounds.  I nearly fell over laughing from that one.  He loves to eat.  So, she told me to start out small and then work our way up to that mile.  It works for me.  He weighed in at 41.5 pounds.  Big for a corgi. 

Anyway, my tennis elbow is from vacuuming.  Yep, vacuuming with my Dyson DC59 Motor head.  Love that thing!  Only bad thing, since it is so top heavy, it hurt the arm and elbow.  Thus my problems. 

The thought of me in one of those itty bitty tennis skirts...No, I don't think so.  Ever!  The thought of my butt hanging out, I will skip that. 

For my snack, I had baby spinach, baby kale, coconut water, some frozen fruit and blended it all up in the Vitamix.  That is one powerful blender.  It is so freaking loud.  We broke down and decided to get one last year.  We had 2 blenders that we received for our wedding 14 years ago and they pretty much sucked.  So, we pawned them off onto my sister.  Told her she could always garage sale them.  She used them once and garage saled them and bought a better blender from the proceeds. 

My sister tells me I am weird for liking kale.  I have to have leafy greens these days.  They have to be part of my diet.  Doctor's orders.  I do like them but, I generally don't cook with them.  So, I am using the Vitamix to have my leafy greens in a more palatable way. 

I am waiting for pomegranate season.  I love those things!  I get one and snack away on it.  It is a nice treat to get one. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Sparkly Kathleen Sock

I finally found my camera.  Woo!  It had all the pictures of the new sock on it.  I have been contemplating this sock for a while and decided to just do it to see if it would work.  It did. 

Side view of the Kathleen Sparkly sock

Front view of the sock

Back view and heel

Close up of bead work and pattern
The yarn is a merino/silk I hand dyed, it is called Clementine.  This is my test knit.  I am testing the pattern and I will be writing it down, soon.  It will be for sale in my shop.  The finished pair of socks will be for sale in the shop as well.  I have to finish the second one.  I am no longer knitting socks for free for family and friends.  I am charging my rate, which will pay for the yarn and the wear and tear on my hands. 

I chose to use Dyna-mites beads from Fire Mountain Gems.  Love the price tag on the beads, in my ball park.  The color is root beer, a rainbow transparent.  I used rocailles, size 6/0.  My crochet hook is a size 9 steel hook.  I knit this sock on US3 addi turbo sock rockets.  Love those needles, they have the sharp points and they come in my favorite cable length, 24 inches.  I use 2 of them to knit socks.  I had to explain that this weekend to another knitter. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that I use two needles to knit a pair of socks.  I can use dpns but, my preferred method is the two needles. 

I have found it is far easier to knit lace socks on two circs.  It holds the work for me when I am not knitting.  Love that feature.  I have tried so many different needles over the years and always faithfully return to my addi turbos.  Best purchase, ever.  I know they are expensive but, if you knit professionally like I do, spend the money for them. 


Friday, August 29, 2014

The Sparkly Meagan Sock

Sparkly Meagan sock in turquoise

size 9 womens

close up of the beading

The heel and gusset

I finally finished Meagan's socks.  I just need to write down my pattern.  This pattern will be going up for sale in my shop. 
I am currently working on another pattern.  I am test knitting it right now.  New things will be coming to the shop this year.  I am hoping that the 2014 Fall season will offer up some enticing items for knitters. 

In other news...I have been sewing pillowcases for our veterans.  I have 10 of them finished and they will be headed to my DAR chapter regent, she will send them to the right people.  I also have plans to sew 3 quilts for my doggies for Christmas.  I hit a sale on batting and I have plenty of fat quarters in my stash to make them something nice. 
I also have plans to do more sewing.  I have the fabric and I am going to take the time to make more items with my sewing machine. 


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Working on Socks and an Afghan

I am working on a sock for my niece, Meagan.  She is the one who inspired the Meagan sock although her Meagan socks are sparkly Meagan's.  Yep, I am beading them.  When I find my camera, I will go ahead and snap some pictures of them.  I finished one and I need to cast on for the second one. 

I am also working on an afghan for a friend's soon to be hubby.  I have the yarn and started working on this thing a while back and hubby said no, he didn't want it.  He has his big blue afghan he snuggles up in.  So, I started showing off the picture and found someone who wanted it.  He doesn't know about it.  My friend approved it.  I am guessing he should like it. 

I slipped and fell onto my hands and knees Wednesday night.  Always so much fun to be me.  I was walking into my kitchen to refill my glass of water, when unbeknownst to me, I hit a patch of water on my tile floor, I didn't break the glass even thought I dropped it, and I landed on my hands and knees.  I am in a knee brace from my thigh to my shin.  I broke out the big boy.  This time around it is the right knee instead of the left knee.  I can't stand to put any sort of pressure on it. 

Since I am forced to take it easy on myself, I get to work on all sorts of projects...hence the sock and the afghan.  I also will be dyeing some sock yarn for another niece who wants sparkly socks.  I asked her what color she painted yarn for this project...."aqua" was the answer.  Well, that doesn't help me much so, I asked, which one?  Aqua blue or aqua green.  She replied with "aqua blue".  Okay.  So, I will be knitting aqua blue socks.  I am working on turquoise socks right now. What Kate doesn't realize is that her sister's socks are darker than in the pictures.  I will be using a darker bead on Kate's socks.  I just have to design her socks.  I am thinking about that right now.  I have an idea on what I want to do.  :)  She will not be getting Meagan socks.  Nope, I am getting sick of that pattern.  I need something new. 

I might even share it with my readers.  It is always fun to try a new sock pattern.  Something exciting.  I might even share the Meagan sock. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Charity Knitting Hat #3

The charity knitting hat with ball of yarn.

Close up of the charity knitting hat #3
As you can see, I am being lazy on working on this hat.  I have managed a whole whopping inch and a half.  The yarn is wonderful to knit with.  It is a merino/silk/acrylic blend.  I wound out another ball of it just in case I need to use a second ball to complete the hat. 

I have managed something to show off.  It will have to wait until I finish the shawl and then maybe between me starting the scarf, it may get knit on.  I also have an afghan to work on and a pair of socks for my niece.  I bought seed beads today for those socks.  I am thinking it will look awesome to have beaded socks with lace.