Monday, September 7, 2015

Quilting and Knitting

After my first quilt turned out okay, I have decided to try my hand at a second one.  I am making myself another one for the couch, and then I am going to make one for a birthday present.  The birthday present is going to be a complete surprise, I think. 

I am also knitting myself a pair of mittens.  They are a much needed pair since I donated my mittens to a needy child.  This year, I will not be knitting for charity since my hand won't let me.  I will try to knit when I can.  I know I want a new pair of socks for Winter.  Since our almanac has predicted that we will have a harsh one, I know new socks will be needed. 

I have also started making my own body butters.  The girl who made all my lotions, creams, and balms, quit the business and I was forced to go find an alternate source.  I decided to try my hand at it and well, I found out that I can make butters that heal my skin so nicely.  I hate cracked skin.  It is the worst.  So, the body butters are doing the trick in keeping my skin nice and soft.  I love that. 

I wish I could upload my photos from vacation but, this software will not work for me. I have tried on three different occasions.  I might have to move my blog to another place.  Not sure if it will work or not.  Go figure. 

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