Monday, January 31, 2011

Researching the Knee

I had to check out what I can do for my knee.  I started to read up on my particular tear since my hubby is telling me I need to get to physical therapy for it.  Not so...I read that if it is still swollen then no, it should not have any sort of pt.  Pretty much I am doing what I am supposed to do.  Keep it up to drain the lymph fluid and the white blood cells out of it.  They are the reason  it is swollen.  They are trying to do their job, heal it. 

Then once the swelling goes down then I can start knee exercises.  The exercise bicycle.  Good thing I have one of those.  I can also work it out by spinning with my double treadle spinning wheel.  For now...I am going to sit with it up.  I haven't been doing this lately and I can tell is looking puffy. 

One good thing is staph infection has gone dormant.  Yippee!  I wonder how long this time it will stay down?  I think the cocktail and the honey have really helped out this time. 

Then I noticed the weather I know why I am hurting over here.  The weather is killing me over this knee.  There is serious cold and rain coming tomorrow. 

I am listening to Buck Cherry right now and then I have to go start putting clothes and sheets into the washer.  I hate washing clothes...I don't mind loading up the machine, it is the folding I object to.  Blah.  I need a full time live in maid to deal with this kind of crap.  Let's just face it, I was meant to be a lady of leisure.  Don't I wish! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yarn Sale

I put all of my yarns on sale today.  They are marked 1/2 off already.  I want to clear out all of the old yarns in time for new yarns.  This means I will be getting back to work to get the new spring yarns worked up.  :) 

This is a great time for everyone to get primo yarn for cheap. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Killer Cheesecake

I used to make a thin mint crust for my cheesecakes back in the day.  I used to bake one a week because I loved them so much.  I took a chocolate cheese cake and would press in my thin mint cookies for the crust.  Pure luxury! 

Have I baked a cheesecake recently?  NO!  I need to start baking again.  I really don't do it anymore.  It saddens me because I come from a long line of Czech bakers.  The women in my family baked.  They are known for it.  There are certain recipes that everyone loves and still ask for....the coconut roll is by far the most asked for.  Pure heaven!  My Aunt conocted it and oh, all of the nieces keep asking for it.  I am one of the nieces who asked her for it.  She told me what it included, just not the right porportions.  I tried to make it, it flopped!  It was awful. 

So, now I am in the line up asking around to my cousins and my oldest you have the recipe for the coconut roll? 

I read that the Girls Scouts are cutting back on which cookies they are going to be selling.  I guess the economy has struck the GS hard too.  Yep, pretty much everyone is suffering from the economy.  Yarn sales are non existent over here.  I am re-working my yarns into other things to sell at RHF.  I have to find a way for the yarn to become something unique and works up wonderfully into shawls and all sorts of things.  I am currently knitting a shawl with sock yarn.  It is pretty. 

Now back to other things...cheesecake dreams.  I miss baking them.  I might have to put the items on the grocery list and have Gary buy me the goods to make a dreamy one.  OOH...droool....slurp! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wild Turkey and Nudity

I talked to a friend today and found out some interesting involves Wild Turkey and nudity.  I just can't believe it but, then again, I can.  The person in question went off of his nut and did the unthinkable.  Oh well, I honestly can say, I saw it coming from way back when...20 some odd years ago.  Between his home and the friend's parents house, he lost all of his clothes.  No one knows where they went.  All of this from a 52 year old.  You know when you hear..."bring the video camera and get your butt over here", it is something worth seeing.  Needless to say, his actions have ended him up in counselling.  I believe he should have had the counselling 20 years ago. 

In other news...I didn't get to knit today because I was dealing all the things that have to be finished and in to various committees for my chapter.  We have state conference coming up and I am not going and none of the other ladies are going either.  We are missing it this year.  I think the economy has a lot to do with it.  There is just no extra cash for hotel rooms, and the like.  It is in Dallas this year.  I was supposed to go with Melinda to one the previous week before our state conference and there is just no extra cash for either one of us.  Between car repairs and other just isn't in the cards. 

Tonight I am trying to take the time to do the set up row for repeat 4 of the lace on the shawl.  See previous post.  It is coming along and I really can't wait to finish it because I have the most luscious lace weight yarn sitting on my desk waiting for me to use it.  It is one of older hand paints.  I can't wait to make something lacy and beautiful with it.  :) 

I got a call tonight, my big brother is in the hospital.  He had a spell and his wife rushed him to the ER.  They gave him a nitroglycerin pill and rushed him down to the Med Center via and Ambulance.  He called to let us know he was there and he felt better.  Scary!  So, I am waiting to hear how that turns out.  So, if you could please say a prayer for him that all gets better.  Thank you in advance. 

Now back to wild turkey and nudity.  Let's just say it...some men never learn to grow up and this one is big on that problem.  He also had the dog in the manger idea big time.  He has repetitive marriage syndrome.  I believe the man has been married about 8 or 9 times.  I lost count after 6.  I am so glad that I escaped his marriage ideas.  I was asked today why I never married answer... he was too busy marrying every other woman out there, there was no way that I could even get him near a church, let alone get him down an aisle. He did ask me to marry him and I said...NO!  So, here he is 20 years later and he is still having relationship issues and I am married.  Whew, I am so glad I escaped that one! 

Hell...his best friend finally asked about Melinda and it has been about 14 years since she has seen the man.  He wanted to know if she is married.  Uh, yes!  I told the idiot that she has a child and she is happy.  "Oh!" is what came out of his mouth...totally good looking and he ruins it when he opens his mouth.  His personality sucks!  His niece agrees with me.  She said the same thing to me today.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sugary Confection Multnomah

As you can see, I am diligently working on my shawl.  This yarn is my merino/silk hand painted yarn in Sugary Confection.  I love how well it is knitting up.  I started knitting this shawl with my Addi turbo clicks and then I was in the local JoAnn's and saw Susan Bates Silvalume knitting needles.  I have no idea what thought struck me but, I picked them up.  I think it must have been because I absolutely adore Susan Bates crochet hooks.  They are my go to hook when I am crocheting.  I also use them for picking up stitches on socks. 

I am using size 4 US needles.  I love these needles, this particular yarn slides so well on them.  They also have a nice point.  The join where the cable and needle meets is smooth.  No sticking and since it is fixed, I find myself happily knitting with them.  If you can't afford Addi turbos there is an alternative needle out there for you.  The Susan Bates needles will work just as well as Addi turbos.  No problems with working the lace on this pair of needles since the points are nice.  They get under those tricky stitches with ease. 

My yarn is my favorite sock yarn, the merino/silk hand paint.  I love how well it stlides on the needles and it is a simple joy to work with them.  I even have printed out several more shawl patterns to knit with merino/silk sock and also merino/silk lace.  I have some gorgeous red merino/silk lace that I have been wanting to work with for a while. 

I am on repeat 4 of the lace work on this shawl.  If you want a shawl that really doesn't have many purl stitches, then this is the shawl for you.  I had finished the green one I was working on and decided I really needed to cast on for another shawl, one without so much purl stitches in it.  This is the shawl that I chose and several ladies in the sock group are actually knitting this particular shawl.  The smaller shawls are truly wonderful to wear as scarves.  I wrap my green one around my neck and go.  I love how soft it is and how light weight it is as well.  No heavy scarf to deal with.  I really don't like bulky items weighing me down. 

I personally didn't swatch for this shawl.  I just started knitting and chose to use my size US 4 needles.  The pattern calls for US 3's.  Too small in my honest opinion and since my US 3's have other projects on them, I decided to go up for this one and it is working out quite nicely. 

What the....Hey!

I was sleeping quite nicely this morning and just when I was about to snuggle back into that really comfy spot on my side of the bed...what do I hear?  The hubby next to me answering my phone.  I keep the ringer off on the phone beside my side of the bed.  I do not want to be woken up by that thing, it just pisses me off.  Alarms beeping at me do the same thing.  Pisses me off really bad! 

So, he is talking to the mechanics about the car.  I was thinking it was going to be about $1000 for them to fix all of the issues.  Nope, they came in under that.  Yes!  Pretty much the right front wheel hub assembly is shot and they have to replace it.  The left front wheel hub assembly is starting to go so, they asked if they should fix that as well.  I said yes, this means we won't be back down there in a month.  

I was going to head to the fabric store today to buy some pins since I need to start a certain hound dog's sweater.  I have been promising the poor beast that he will be getting a sweater and soon.  Now to find his pattern and cut it all out and pin it.  I lost my sewing pins and can't seem to find them anywhere.  It is just typical of me these days. 

I am coming along nicely on the lace portion of my shawl.  I was working on it last night in between reading on my Kindle and listening to the Beach Boys.  I downloaded them onto my Kindle.  :) 

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Little Garden is Growing

Yesterday before the rain started, we planted 8 broccoli.  Now we realized we might have overkill.  So, I told the hubby that we can always give some broccoli away or we can freeze it.  Not only will we have fresh tender broccoli from our little garden but, we will know what is in it.  Nothing funky, just pure broccoli we have grown ourselves.  :) 

The lettuce continues to give us much joy and our radishes are really good.  Both of us are enjoying our little experiment in growing.  We have seeds for our Spring garden to plant as well.  I know we will be starting our tomatoes soon.  I can't touch a tomato from the store, they are so acid filled, it just kills me to eat them.  We chose heirloom tomatoes this round.  I can't wait to see which ones are in the mix.  I fell in love with heirloom tomatoes this past summer.  They are sweet and tasty, not acid filled orbs. 

We also are going to plant corn.  I told Gary that we seriously need to think about breaking ground elsewhere in the back yard for our little garden to prosper.  There is one part of the back yard on the other side of the house that might just work out for our next plot of garden. 

We have fruit trees in the backyard and we planted blackberries.  If you have never had homemade blackberry jelly, then you have no idea what you are missing.  Mmmm!  It is tasty stuff and no, we don't use corn syrup, we use sugar. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Knitters Everywhere

Today I was at the local half price bookstore picking up books for the chapter book drive in February.  My main goal was to get history books for the little kids.  On my way back from the children's section, I stopped off and took a look at the knitting books and ran into a lady who knits but, she was lost...she needed inspiration since she had finished off her holidays with knit and crochet items for her grand kids.  She was at the bored stage with anything big or with scarves.  Who can blame her, I positively do not like knitting scarves...super boring.  I mentioned socks, she said no.  Oh well, I couldn't convert her, I tried. 

We got onto the subject of spinning and I gave her my business card since she wanted to see my work.  I even told her about Ravelry, I hope she finds it since she needed some sort of inspiration.  I suggested shawls since I just finished one and I am working on that second one. 

My fingers are so sore from knitting on the Multnomah.  I am still increasing.  I had miscounted my rows and here I am still increasing.  I thought I was near the lace section...nope.  So, I am still going, I need to get 10 mre increases in and then I can start lace.  It is always something. 

I found a cute little baby shrug on Ravelry, I might start next if I can find the right yarn for the job.  I have to do a stash dig.  I don't know if that yarn that I need is up here or down stairs.  I have yarn all over this house. 

I have discovered Jojoba oil for my skin.  I was so dry that I have to do something.  I have asthmatic skin since I am an asthmatic and our skin is horribly dry.  I invested in a bottle and my skin feels fantastic.  My face is loving this oil.  I couldn't believe how disgustingly dirty it was before I started to use this oil.  I use soap on my face, a nice bar from one of my favorite ETSY shops and I thought it was doing a good job until last night.  I put the jojoba oil on my face and then took a warm wet wash cloth and wiped my face down...oh ick, the amount of goo on my wash cloth tells me that my skin hasn't been clean in ages.  Now it is looking damn good.  I was shocked this morning when I woke up and instead of my usual dry patches and blotchiness my face looked great!  Nice and soft.  I am going to keep using this stuff. 

I wonder if I can use sock yarn for the baby shrug..if so, I have the perfect skein for it.  :)  I will have to see what kind of yardage we are looking at and then go from there. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoes Make Me Happy

I have to say that I am love with my two new pairs of shoes.  I hit a sale.  I couldn't help myself, they were stunningly gorgeous and the best part, the red ones look so good on my feet.  Woohoo!  Then I found out that I had a credit with my shoe of the month club and I was able to get the pair I wanted but, couldn't afford.  Yippeee!  They are gorgeous heels with a peep toe and a cute little bow on top.  They are pink!  Not cotton candy pink, they are dark pink.  Or she puts out pink.  They are F-me shoes. 

Here I am sitting on 40 and I guess I shouldn't be buying sexy shoes at my age but, you know, there is something about a pair of sexy heels that I can't resist.  I never have been able to resist them.  Maybe I am a slut at heart, who knows.  I am a yarn ho and everyone knows that.  I am also a shoe slut. 

I am working on my shawl and it is coming along nicely.  I am on the last quarter of the increase section and about to enter the lace zone.  I am so ready for it.  My cool green shawl is done and if you want pics you have to go to Drooling Over Yarn 2 to see it.  I wrap it around my neck and go.  I have had more compliments on that little shawl.  I am proud of it.  It took me 9 days to knit it and then I blocked it for 2 so, pretty much 11 days total.  Would I knit it again?  Possibly for someone else and in a different color and a different yarn.  I have several sitting on my desk that I could use. 

I am trying to get onto the DAR member website and print out my eMQ for the chapter so, we will have a hard copy.  So far, they are down again for another night.  I am thinking there are so many chapter Regents filling it out that it is swamped.  I finished it this morning and didn't print it out for our records.  I thought to go back tonight and print it out.  Nope, not happening.  So, I will take care of it tomorrow. 

Just the usual things going on with that.  Our chapter is growing by leaps and bounds.  I am happy to say.  So far we have been lucky with it. 

I have a line up of people needing socks over here and I am procrastinating on it.  I have no idea why I don't want to knit socks...I want to knit shawls.  I am in the mood to knit something lacy and really feminine.  :) 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For My Darling Hubby

My hubby has decided that he wants a Kindle.  He did ask for it for his 41st birthday but, that is in April.  So, I decided since he is such a good guy, I would spring for his new Kindle for his Valentine's Day present.  He will be getting it early.  I don't have a problem with this since he pretty much doesn't say anything about my yarn habit.  He knows I will use it all eventually.  He only asks that I try to get a reign in on it so, he isn't tripping over it all.  He buys me plastic totes and storage containers to keep it neat.  I have a huge stack of them in the family room.  I need to relocate it all up to my office.  I haven't even put up my 100 skeins he bought me for Christmas.  I need to deal with that soon since Pickles is looking at it askance.  That cat...she loves yarn about as much as I do.  That is saying a lot. 

I can't wait for him to get his Kindle and watch him play with it.  I love mine and one of the ladies at the meeting I attended on Saturday asked me about it.  She wants to get her hubby one for his birthday.  I have to take my Kindle with me on Thursday when I see her again, she wants to check it out. 

I am still working on my shawl.  I am almost finished with it.  I can't wait to see the end of this one.  I have other things that need to be worked on. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

3rd Annual Worst Valentine Contest

 The Rules:

You must have received a gift.  If you tell me you didn't receive one, it won't count. 

If you have won in the past, sorry your past entry will not count.  If you have received something truly awful recently, you are able to play. 

Please leave your comment and tell me how awful your Valentine's present was.  Past winners have included septic tank cleanser, garlic press, and weed whacker. 

Contest Ends:  February 1st. 

What are you playing for this year?  Free yarn.  One skein of beautiful lace weight yarn.  This year's prize is Cherry Popsicle, a beautiful luxury lace yarn.  The yarn consists of:  baby alpaca, cashmere, and silk.  It is one of my hand painted lace weight yarns.  Value:  $36.00. 

Valentine's day should be truly special and sometimes the men or even ladies in our lives just don't get it.  If your significant other is completely clueless, you might have a shot at winning a beautiful skein of yarn.  I also include other goodies with your winning skein. 

Here's to getting a gift you will truly enjoy!

So Glad it is Friday

I don't know about you but, I am so happy it is Friday.  I am going to sit and spin today.  I have to finish off a fiber that I bought last year and I have been trying to find the time and the effort to work on it.  That day is today.  I want to ply it with another yarn but, I am still trying to find the right color to ply it with.  It is a beautiful fiber from NZ.  The lady who made it, gorgeous work!  I wish I had a drum carder so, I too could make beautiful things like she does.  Unfortunately, I would have to part with $500 and that isn't happening right now. 

I should get my loom out of the living room and pack it into the family room and work on the shawl that is on the thing.  I haven't had the inclination or the knee power to stand there and deal with it. 

I love my loom.  It is the neatest thing in the world to be able to do.  I love the shawls that have come off of it.  :)  My niece has one and she says she likes it, I hope she does.  It is very bright and I thought she would like something bright to wear.  I love bright colored clothes.  :) 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold Today and A Much Needed Break

It was so cold today in this house that I couldn't deal with it.  I had to come upstairs to find my wool socks.  My cotton ones were not doing the trick.  I get the wool ones on my feet and it was bliss as long as I stayed upstairs.  Since I was spending most of my day down stairs, this wasn't feasible.  I get down there and even the hound dog is shaking from the cold.  So, I found the extra thermal backed curtains I had laying around and put a curtain over the back door.  I know, sounds really weird but, let me tell you, it did the trick.  Our fireplace is worthless since it pretty much blows the air straight up the chimney so, it isn't worth burning.  The heat doesn't radiate out towards the room and the only thing the stupid thing does is make us pay more money to the gas company.  We pay enough to them so, we no longer burn the thing. 

I didn't do a lick of knitting today since I have a big hole in my finger.  I needed to rest my hands anyway so, it wasn't a big loss.  I am getting bored with the shawlette.  I have two more repeats of the increase and then on to the pattern itself. 

Tomorrow I have plans to take my niece to lunch.  I have her birthday present for her.  It is early but, she will need the items for college since she will be going back this weekend.  I know she is going to need to be warm because her college is in N. East Texas. 

I watched some tv and then I also did clothes washing.  I am glad I did it since I know Gary was out of work out gear and undies.  I didn't do it on my usual Monday routine.  I couldn't face it.  I hate Monday as it is but, then compound that hate with laundry.  Ugh!  I just didn't want to face it.  So, I dealt with it today. 

I have to fold clothes tonight before bed.  Gary always complains to me about the collars on his dress shirts and how they fold differently than how he likes them so, I fixed that problem today...I used a clothespin on his shirt to keep the fold the way he likes it.  It works so, I guess this is a good thing. 

Necessity is the mother of invention. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Made That!

I entered myself into a comment contest.  Pretty much the goal of this contest is to pay it forward with something hand made.  So, I decided, it would be pretty neat to comment on a FB friend's post and I am getting something from her and she commented on my post so, I am sending her something I made. 

So, I took it upon myself today to make her a necklace out of jasper, fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals Aurora Borealis.  I am hoping she will like what I made for her.  She is a red head so, I knew that certain colors will not work with her skin tone.  I chose to use greens, and the pinks of the pearls in this one to complement her skin tone. 

The pictures do not do this necklace justice at all.  I used purple velvet as my background color. 

I am still working on the shawlette but, I did take the time today to get my butt up off of the couch to pick up my family room and then vacuum it.  I decided I couldn't deal with the condition it was in, anymore.  I am so glad I did get it picked up.  I even sprayed down the carpet with the pet deodorizing spray, it smells of Wisteria in there now and it is so much better than cat and dog. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

22 Repeats

Here is what my shawlette looks like at 22 repeats of the first part of the pattern.  I am currently on the 24th repeat of the top half of this pattern.  It is coming along nicely.  I still haven't decided what to do with this shawlette.  I guess when it is finished and blocked, then I will be ready to decide where it will end up. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is that Noise?

This morning I was rudely waken up from a deep sleep by a strange noise.  It permeated my senses at 5:40 am.  I never get up this early unless someone is either knocking down the front door, or something strange is happening.  The noise did it.  Gary slept right through it.  He couldn't sleep through the automatic kitty box beeping but, he could sleep through this noise.  What was it?  My weather radio was going nutso because there is a huge thunderstorm moving through the area with super high winds and hail.  Yep, it is Winter in Texas.  So, I go downstairs and listen to all it has to say and then thinking it was safe to head back to bed, I get all comfy and I am just getting back into that one spot in the bed where it is so soft and it always makes me fall asleep when I hear it again.  Damn!  So, down the stairs I go again, and this time, there is no use in me trying to sleep because I know it will keep going off until I make myself some breakfast and just stay awake. 

I had put my yarn I was planning to use downstairs on the kitchen table so, I could wind it into a ball when I had a chance to start working on my shawl pattern.  I decided now was as good a time as any to get it taken care of.  I even managed to cast on and find my row counter.  I have a katcha katcha counter, love the thing.  So, I find myself working on this shawlette and it is a nice break from socks. 

The yarn I am using is my hand paint, effervescence.  I love the colors in this yarn and I am hoping it will make a beautiful shawlette.  :) 

This yarn is a light weight fingering and I am hoping it will work out nicely for this shawlette.  I have 450 yards of it to work with.  The pattern calls for anywhere from 430 to 450 yards.  I am using an Addi Turbo clicks in size US 6. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


As you can happy hubby, finished socks.  He tried them on and they fit.  So, I am finished with socks for a while.  I have smaller pairs on other needles but, they are going to wait for a bit, I am going to do the KAL with the Socks Squared Group on Ravelry.  The pattern in the Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes.  It is a nice simple pattern so, I am hoping it will be simple to do.  I need something a little bit challenging but, not too. 

If you are interested in knitting socks out of worsted weight yarn, grab a pair of US 6 needles and cast on.  I cast on 42 sts for this pair.  I used K1,P1 ribbing for two inches and then knit in the round for 5 inches and then did a simple stockinette heel.  Slip 1 st purlwise and then knit across row.  Slip 1 st purlwise and purl across row two and keep repeating these two rows until you have 2.5 inches on the needle.  Then start your heel shaping. 


Knit 12 stitches and then ssk, k1.  Turn.
Row 2:  slip 1 stitch, then purl 4 sts and p2tog, turn. 
Row 3.  slip your 1 st stitch and then knit across until you get to the last stitch before the gap, it should be 5 stitches and then ssk, k1.  Keep working like this with both sides until all stitches are worked.  Then pick up for your gusset stitches, 9 total on each side. 


K1, ssk, knit even until last three stitches, then decrease by k2tog, k1.  Next row will be worked...even...just knit across it.  Then continue your decrease row every other row.  Keep this up until you have a total of 21 stitches on your needle.  With a total count of 42. 


Work desired length and then start the toe. 

Row 1:  k1, ssk.  knit until last three stitches, k2tog, k1.
Row 2:  Knit. 

Repeat these two rows until you have a total of 10 stitches on each needle and then just decrease until you have a total of 4 stitches total.  Cut yarn...leave enough of a length to do a Kichener stitch and weave in all ends. 

Work second sock.  I used two circs to knit this sock in the round.  I started it out on dpns but, decided to knit it with the two circs since it moves much faster for me. 

If you have any questions about the simple pattern, comment and I will get back to you on it. 


Friday, January 7, 2011

Down the Back Stretch to the Toe

I am more than ready for this sock to be finished.  I am on the foot and heading for the toe.  I can't wait.  Now, I can understand why I have second sock syndrome.  I need the rest break between socks so, I won't lose my mind. 

I can't say this enough...I need a break from socks.  I have to find my yarn for my KAL with the socks squared group of ladies.  We are knitting a shawlette instead of our usual socks for the beginning of the year.  I chose to use fruit stripe.  It has enough yardage so, I don't have to delve into two skeins of yarn.  Call me frugal but, there it is. 

I over dyed the just shocking, intense pink yarn and sunny apricot to a lovely shade of deep hunter green.  It finally dried and they need to be put into new ball bands and they will be up for sale. 

I am having a just freezing sale right now.  If you use the coupon code FREEZING in the coupon section, you get 50% off of your total order.  I want to get rid of some of the yarns in the shop.  This is a great time for everyone to get nice yarn at a really good price. 

Now, down the back stretch to the toe, I go. 

Why Doesn't Skechers Make Shuffles in Women's Sizes?

I had bought my niece, Maribeth, a pair of shuffles for Christmas.  I love them, they are so awesome.  Why won't they make them in Women's sizes?  Don't know what they are...vivid light up shoes.  I would love to have a pair.  Then again I love bright colors and I am not afraid to wear them.  I could care less about the shape up shoes...right now...nothing is getting shaped up with this knee.  I can even buy a pair of bike shoes but, I can't ride my bicycle right now...again, the knee. 

I wish they would make these beautiful bright shoes in my size. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Sock, Two Sock, Green Socks

As you can see, I am finished with one sock for my darlng hubby.  I chose to use Elann's Highland Peruvian Worsted weight yarn.  I used US 6 Addi turbos for this project.  I had read that worsted weight yarn could be used to knit socks and never having tried it, I was a bit skeptical.  Not anymore, though.  If you want quick, get some wool worsted weight yarn and go to town, it is quick and he loves the first one that is finished. 

 Gauge for this particular yarn for me was:  4.75 stitches and 5.94 rows = 1 inch on the US 6 needles.  I started the first sock on January 4, 2011 and it is finished.  What does this tell you?  Super quick. 

It does create a thicker sock but, this isn't a problem for my DH.  He told me he loves the first one and can't wait for the second one to be finished.  Ladies if your man has a huge foot, get out the worsted wool and start knitting.  It drives me crazy to knit him a pair of socks for that size 12 foot.  I was able to do the 2 inch cuff that he wanted and it didn't take me days to complete.  Just a couple of hours.  Now, I can use up stash yarn to knit socks for the big footed people in my family.  I have to do a stash dig later and see what other colors I can come up with. 

The color of the yarn is Mallard.  I love how neat it looks knit up.  I saw it from a swatch card I had bought and thought, it was awesome looking.  When Elann had a full bag sale, that is when I struck.  I am always looking for a great yarn sale.  :)  I live for yarn sales, they are almost as great as a shoe sale.  Nothing beats a shoe sale when you can get a beautiful pair of shoes for $5.  That is the best feeling in the world!  This is the number one reason why I miss Marshall Field's...they had killer shoe sales. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can That Be Mine?

Tonight I tripped on a box coming out of the bathroom.  I had no idea it was there until it was too late.  I get to the bedroom...hobbling.  I look down at the knee...left knee and it is all swollen and in other places than normal.  WTF?!  Yep, this is me.  I hit my shin on the box so, that wasn't the problem for the knee.  Apparently, the last time I knocked into something, I did a really good job on my knee.  I have swelling and puffiness below the knee and it is really gross looking...almost looks like something slipped and is just laying there.  I know...disgusting.  Maybe that would explain why it has been hurting so bad lately.  I almost dipped into the pain pills but, I chose to ignore that pain as much as I could.  I hate taking pain pills.  So, I wrapped up the knee today in the alternate brace while the good one is drying on the washing machine.  It works in a pinch and it managed to get soaked in the rain storm tonight.  So, it will be drying while I see if the other one is ready for me to slip back on. 

I frogged the sock I was working on...of all the things...I ran out of yarn.  Me, ran out of yarn, can you even believe it?  I knew I wouldn't make it to the second sock when I noticed how much yarn I had used on the leg portion of his sock.  Dang!  So, I changed tactics and I started a new pair of socks with worsted weight yarn.  Let me tell you, when the software says any yarn can be used to knit socks, I am damn well going to try it.  So, Gary is getting a new pair of socks with Elann's Peruvian Hightland wool in Mallard.  I love this wool, it knits up nicely for my other projects and the best part, it was cheap.  I bought it when they had it by the bagful on sale.  :) 

This means I am using stash yarn and that is always a good thing.  I am trying to be good over here.  I need to be good and use up some of this yarn.  If you saw how huge my yarn stash is, you would faint. It is massive.  One of my friends saw it and she nearly fell over.  She asked me what I was planning to do with it all...excuse me, if you knit you would understand. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Insanity...Knitting Size 12 Socks for the Hubby

Here is sock number one so far.  The hubby had his big old clod hopping foot in his sock.  I have one more inch to knit and then it is time for the toe.  I have knit many pairs of socks and this one is about to do me in.  I might need a drink after this sock.  I will cast on for the second sock after this one...I will conquer my second sock syndrome.  I will do it. 

Notice I am psyching myself up.  I have to.  Well, I re-dyed the other sock yarn and wouldn't you know it, one is lighter than the other.  Gack!  So, I guess, I have to re-dye the second skein to get the right color, unless...I can hope he is color blind and won't notice that there is a slight color difference. 

Since I over did it on Sunday with all of the laundry...I paid seriously last night for it, I was in utter pain with my knee.  My quads were knotting up on the left side and then the right one kicked in.  The knee has been bothering me all day.  I apparently kicked one of the cats in my sleep and she bit me as revenge.  I woke up long enough to boot her sorry butt off of the bed. 

We hit the local taco joint for dinner and we know at this particular place, you do not drive through because they will screw you out of several items.  We go inside to eat.  So, we get there and no one is in the drive thru, which is unusual and the parking lot was pretty full.  I know those people have been screwed out of an item at the drive thru.  When we were leaving, we noticed a huge line at the drive thru...I mentioned to Gary, that they must be newbies or they don't mind having to go back inside and telling them to give them whatever it is that they were missing.  Their usual excuse..."we have a new girl on the line."  I wonder how many new girls they have back there since they have been using this same excuse for as long as we have been going there. 
After Gary's socks are finished, I have plans to finish the wee bitty sockies and do some kids socks for quick and easy work.  Then I will get to work on the men's size 9's.  Then the size 14's will be after that.  I have to have a break from big feet for a while.  If I don't, I might snap and chase someone down with a pair of straights. 

Our Little Slice of Heaven

This is our garden.  It isn't very big but, it has what we like planted in it.  Gary was busy today pulling out the rest of the hibiscus root that is in the middle of it.  I chopped around my plants to aerate the soil.  I have lettuces planted, the mesclun mix that was our target row for the bugs...they ate it, fine by us.  It has collard greens in the mix and I can't stand collards.  ugh.  Then we have radishes, and sweet peas planted towards the pool filter. 

I ordered in more seed and hopefully we will see those soon. I want to plant the broccoli, it loves the cold.  Gary dug up one of the roses that lived in the bed and it goes to Melinda.  She said she would take it and she wants my noisette but, the stump is huge.  Click on the bottom picture and you will see how big it is.  I will take out half of the lettuces, we fear. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It Won't Go Away!

My darling hubby had asked for a pair of socks for Christmas.  Well, with the way things work out around here, it is way after Christmas and I am working on his socks now.  I am on the first one and it is about to drive me around the bend.  Here is my predicament...I might be running low on the yarn.  Oopsie!  I guess if this does happen, I can always use another yarn, dye it the original color and then over dye that with the second painted on color.  I just hope it would turn out right.  I am totally out of the cashmerino yarn.  I ended up over dying the just shocking and sunny apricot for the surprise socks that will be coming along after the 4 pairs that I have on the waiting list.  One of them is the wee bitty sockie, the other two are for his siblings.  Then there is the size 9 man's sock I have to knit after those three.  No problemo since I have the yarn picked out for that one.  A red called lipstick.  Just what every man needs...a vivid red pair of socks.  If he doesn't like that color, I have a hand painted one on my desk that will work out.  It has blues, greens, teals, and golds in it.  I call it Wintry Lights. 

I am washing my knee brace just stinks to high heaven.  I am using the baking soda and vinegar on it.  Everything is getting the vinegar and baking soda right now.  I have some yarn that I put aside for a pattern for a shawlette.  Can I find the pattern and the yarn?  Nope.  I have no idea where I put it.  I am losing everything again. check on the washing machine and go read on my kindle before bed.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Today I am washing all the crud out of my towels with a lovely combination of vinegar and baking soda.  It strips the ick out of the fibers.  All that soap that gets trapped and is down right stinky after a couple of uses.  I hauled the vinegar and the baking soda up from the kitchen and it will be used three times in a row.  Then I can go back to using soap. 

I am working on Gary's sock today.  I know, I will not finish it today.  Size 12 feet are a bitch to knit for especially when I hate the sock pattern.  I also have to do an over dye with my kettle today.  I have two yarns that are getting it...they are odd colors and I need the yarn for those size 14 socks.  I am going to surprise the person in question with a pair especially for him.  I know he is going to love it.  :) 

The hubby is outside right now with his deep watering spike.  He tells me the other day...honey order that t-spike for me so, I can do the deep watering on the citrus trees...well, I had already ordered the thing in and it was sitting in the box in his garage.  He had been walking by it for months.  Go figure. 

This morning we both woke up early freezing.  I had to tell him to put the heater on.  We had the a/c on since it has been hot here and we have been wearing shorts.  You haven't lived until you are wearing shorts on New Year's eve. 

Now back to washing, I have to scrub down the bath tub and get more towels into the wash.