Monday, January 3, 2011

Insanity...Knitting Size 12 Socks for the Hubby

Here is sock number one so far.  The hubby had his big old clod hopping foot in his sock.  I have one more inch to knit and then it is time for the toe.  I have knit many pairs of socks and this one is about to do me in.  I might need a drink after this sock.  I will cast on for the second sock after this one...I will conquer my second sock syndrome.  I will do it. 

Notice I am psyching myself up.  I have to.  Well, I re-dyed the other sock yarn and wouldn't you know it, one is lighter than the other.  Gack!  So, I guess, I have to re-dye the second skein to get the right color, unless...I can hope he is color blind and won't notice that there is a slight color difference. 

Since I over did it on Sunday with all of the laundry...I paid seriously last night for it, I was in utter pain with my knee.  My quads were knotting up on the left side and then the right one kicked in.  The knee has been bothering me all day.  I apparently kicked one of the cats in my sleep and she bit me as revenge.  I woke up long enough to boot her sorry butt off of the bed. 

We hit the local taco joint for dinner and we know at this particular place, you do not drive through because they will screw you out of several items.  We go inside to eat.  So, we get there and no one is in the drive thru, which is unusual and the parking lot was pretty full.  I know those people have been screwed out of an item at the drive thru.  When we were leaving, we noticed a huge line at the drive thru...I mentioned to Gary, that they must be newbies or they don't mind having to go back inside and telling them to give them whatever it is that they were missing.  Their usual excuse..."we have a new girl on the line."  I wonder how many new girls they have back there since they have been using this same excuse for as long as we have been going there. 
After Gary's socks are finished, I have plans to finish the wee bitty sockies and do some kids socks for quick and easy work.  Then I will get to work on the men's size 9's.  Then the size 14's will be after that.  I have to have a break from big feet for a while.  If I don't, I might snap and chase someone down with a pair of straights. 

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