Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is that Noise?

This morning I was rudely waken up from a deep sleep by a strange noise.  It permeated my senses at 5:40 am.  I never get up this early unless someone is either knocking down the front door, or something strange is happening.  The noise did it.  Gary slept right through it.  He couldn't sleep through the automatic kitty box beeping but, he could sleep through this noise.  What was it?  My weather radio was going nutso because there is a huge thunderstorm moving through the area with super high winds and hail.  Yep, it is Winter in Texas.  So, I go downstairs and listen to all it has to say and then thinking it was safe to head back to bed, I get all comfy and I am just getting back into that one spot in the bed where it is so soft and it always makes me fall asleep when I hear it again.  Damn!  So, down the stairs I go again, and this time, there is no use in me trying to sleep because I know it will keep going off until I make myself some breakfast and just stay awake. 

I had put my yarn I was planning to use downstairs on the kitchen table so, I could wind it into a ball when I had a chance to start working on my shawl pattern.  I decided now was as good a time as any to get it taken care of.  I even managed to cast on and find my row counter.  I have a katcha katcha counter, love the thing.  So, I find myself working on this shawlette and it is a nice break from socks. 

The yarn I am using is my hand paint, effervescence.  I love the colors in this yarn and I am hoping it will make a beautiful shawlette.  :) 

This yarn is a light weight fingering and I am hoping it will work out nicely for this shawlette.  I have 450 yards of it to work with.  The pattern calls for anywhere from 430 to 450 yards.  I am using an Addi Turbo clicks in size US 6. 

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