Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can That Be Mine?

Tonight I tripped on a box coming out of the bathroom.  I had no idea it was there until it was too late.  I get to the bedroom...hobbling.  I look down at the knee...left knee and it is all swollen and in other places than normal.  WTF?!  Yep, this is me.  I hit my shin on the box so, that wasn't the problem for the knee.  Apparently, the last time I knocked into something, I did a really good job on my knee.  I have swelling and puffiness below the knee and it is really gross looking...almost looks like something slipped and is just laying there.  I know...disgusting.  Maybe that would explain why it has been hurting so bad lately.  I almost dipped into the pain pills but, I chose to ignore that pain as much as I could.  I hate taking pain pills.  So, I wrapped up the knee today in the alternate brace while the good one is drying on the washing machine.  It works in a pinch and it managed to get soaked in the rain storm tonight.  So, it will be drying while I see if the other one is ready for me to slip back on. 

I frogged the sock I was working on...of all the things...I ran out of yarn.  Me, ran out of yarn, can you even believe it?  I knew I wouldn't make it to the second sock when I noticed how much yarn I had used on the leg portion of his sock.  Dang!  So, I changed tactics and I started a new pair of socks with worsted weight yarn.  Let me tell you, when the software says any yarn can be used to knit socks, I am damn well going to try it.  So, Gary is getting a new pair of socks with Elann's Peruvian Hightland wool in Mallard.  I love this wool, it knits up nicely for my other projects and the best part, it was cheap.  I bought it when they had it by the bagful on sale.  :) 

This means I am using stash yarn and that is always a good thing.  I am trying to be good over here.  I need to be good and use up some of this yarn.  If you saw how huge my yarn stash is, you would faint. It is massive.  One of my friends saw it and she nearly fell over.  She asked me what I was planning to do with it all...excuse me, if you knit you would understand. 

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