Thursday, January 27, 2011

Killer Cheesecake

I used to make a thin mint crust for my cheesecakes back in the day.  I used to bake one a week because I loved them so much.  I took a chocolate cheese cake and would press in my thin mint cookies for the crust.  Pure luxury! 

Have I baked a cheesecake recently?  NO!  I need to start baking again.  I really don't do it anymore.  It saddens me because I come from a long line of Czech bakers.  The women in my family baked.  They are known for it.  There are certain recipes that everyone loves and still ask for....the coconut roll is by far the most asked for.  Pure heaven!  My Aunt conocted it and oh, all of the nieces keep asking for it.  I am one of the nieces who asked her for it.  She told me what it included, just not the right porportions.  I tried to make it, it flopped!  It was awful. 

So, now I am in the line up asking around to my cousins and my oldest you have the recipe for the coconut roll? 

I read that the Girls Scouts are cutting back on which cookies they are going to be selling.  I guess the economy has struck the GS hard too.  Yep, pretty much everyone is suffering from the economy.  Yarn sales are non existent over here.  I am re-working my yarns into other things to sell at RHF.  I have to find a way for the yarn to become something unique and works up wonderfully into shawls and all sorts of things.  I am currently knitting a shawl with sock yarn.  It is pretty. 

Now back to other things...cheesecake dreams.  I miss baking them.  I might have to put the items on the grocery list and have Gary buy me the goods to make a dreamy one.  OOH...droool....slurp! 

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