Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wild Turkey and Nudity

I talked to a friend today and found out some interesting involves Wild Turkey and nudity.  I just can't believe it but, then again, I can.  The person in question went off of his nut and did the unthinkable.  Oh well, I honestly can say, I saw it coming from way back when...20 some odd years ago.  Between his home and the friend's parents house, he lost all of his clothes.  No one knows where they went.  All of this from a 52 year old.  You know when you hear..."bring the video camera and get your butt over here", it is something worth seeing.  Needless to say, his actions have ended him up in counselling.  I believe he should have had the counselling 20 years ago. 

In other news...I didn't get to knit today because I was dealing all the things that have to be finished and in to various committees for my chapter.  We have state conference coming up and I am not going and none of the other ladies are going either.  We are missing it this year.  I think the economy has a lot to do with it.  There is just no extra cash for hotel rooms, and the like.  It is in Dallas this year.  I was supposed to go with Melinda to one the previous week before our state conference and there is just no extra cash for either one of us.  Between car repairs and other just isn't in the cards. 

Tonight I am trying to take the time to do the set up row for repeat 4 of the lace on the shawl.  See previous post.  It is coming along and I really can't wait to finish it because I have the most luscious lace weight yarn sitting on my desk waiting for me to use it.  It is one of older hand paints.  I can't wait to make something lacy and beautiful with it.  :) 

I got a call tonight, my big brother is in the hospital.  He had a spell and his wife rushed him to the ER.  They gave him a nitroglycerin pill and rushed him down to the Med Center via and Ambulance.  He called to let us know he was there and he felt better.  Scary!  So, I am waiting to hear how that turns out.  So, if you could please say a prayer for him that all gets better.  Thank you in advance. 

Now back to wild turkey and nudity.  Let's just say it...some men never learn to grow up and this one is big on that problem.  He also had the dog in the manger idea big time.  He has repetitive marriage syndrome.  I believe the man has been married about 8 or 9 times.  I lost count after 6.  I am so glad that I escaped his marriage ideas.  I was asked today why I never married answer... he was too busy marrying every other woman out there, there was no way that I could even get him near a church, let alone get him down an aisle. He did ask me to marry him and I said...NO!  So, here he is 20 years later and he is still having relationship issues and I am married.  Whew, I am so glad I escaped that one! 

Hell...his best friend finally asked about Melinda and it has been about 14 years since she has seen the man.  He wanted to know if she is married.  Uh, yes!  I told the idiot that she has a child and she is happy.  "Oh!" is what came out of his mouth...totally good looking and he ruins it when he opens his mouth.  His personality sucks!  His niece agrees with me.  She said the same thing to me today.

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