Friday, January 7, 2011

Down the Back Stretch to the Toe

I am more than ready for this sock to be finished.  I am on the foot and heading for the toe.  I can't wait.  Now, I can understand why I have second sock syndrome.  I need the rest break between socks so, I won't lose my mind. 

I can't say this enough...I need a break from socks.  I have to find my yarn for my KAL with the socks squared group of ladies.  We are knitting a shawlette instead of our usual socks for the beginning of the year.  I chose to use fruit stripe.  It has enough yardage so, I don't have to delve into two skeins of yarn.  Call me frugal but, there it is. 

I over dyed the just shocking, intense pink yarn and sunny apricot to a lovely shade of deep hunter green.  It finally dried and they need to be put into new ball bands and they will be up for sale. 

I am having a just freezing sale right now.  If you use the coupon code FREEZING in the coupon section, you get 50% off of your total order.  I want to get rid of some of the yarns in the shop.  This is a great time for everyone to get nice yarn at a really good price. 

Now, down the back stretch to the toe, I go. 

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