Monday, January 31, 2011

Researching the Knee

I had to check out what I can do for my knee.  I started to read up on my particular tear since my hubby is telling me I need to get to physical therapy for it.  Not so...I read that if it is still swollen then no, it should not have any sort of pt.  Pretty much I am doing what I am supposed to do.  Keep it up to drain the lymph fluid and the white blood cells out of it.  They are the reason  it is swollen.  They are trying to do their job, heal it. 

Then once the swelling goes down then I can start knee exercises.  The exercise bicycle.  Good thing I have one of those.  I can also work it out by spinning with my double treadle spinning wheel.  For now...I am going to sit with it up.  I haven't been doing this lately and I can tell is looking puffy. 

One good thing is staph infection has gone dormant.  Yippee!  I wonder how long this time it will stay down?  I think the cocktail and the honey have really helped out this time. 

Then I noticed the weather I know why I am hurting over here.  The weather is killing me over this knee.  There is serious cold and rain coming tomorrow. 

I am listening to Buck Cherry right now and then I have to go start putting clothes and sheets into the washer.  I hate washing clothes...I don't mind loading up the machine, it is the folding I object to.  Blah.  I need a full time live in maid to deal with this kind of crap.  Let's just face it, I was meant to be a lady of leisure.  Don't I wish! 

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