Sunday, January 2, 2011

It Won't Go Away!

My darling hubby had asked for a pair of socks for Christmas.  Well, with the way things work out around here, it is way after Christmas and I am working on his socks now.  I am on the first one and it is about to drive me around the bend.  Here is my predicament...I might be running low on the yarn.  Oopsie!  I guess if this does happen, I can always use another yarn, dye it the original color and then over dye that with the second painted on color.  I just hope it would turn out right.  I am totally out of the cashmerino yarn.  I ended up over dying the just shocking and sunny apricot for the surprise socks that will be coming along after the 4 pairs that I have on the waiting list.  One of them is the wee bitty sockie, the other two are for his siblings.  Then there is the size 9 man's sock I have to knit after those three.  No problemo since I have the yarn picked out for that one.  A red called lipstick.  Just what every man needs...a vivid red pair of socks.  If he doesn't like that color, I have a hand painted one on my desk that will work out.  It has blues, greens, teals, and golds in it.  I call it Wintry Lights. 

I am washing my knee brace just stinks to high heaven.  I am using the baking soda and vinegar on it.  Everything is getting the vinegar and baking soda right now.  I have some yarn that I put aside for a pattern for a shawlette.  Can I find the pattern and the yarn?  Nope.  I have no idea where I put it.  I am losing everything again. check on the washing machine and go read on my kindle before bed.

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