Monday, January 24, 2011

The Little Garden is Growing

Yesterday before the rain started, we planted 8 broccoli.  Now we realized we might have overkill.  So, I told the hubby that we can always give some broccoli away or we can freeze it.  Not only will we have fresh tender broccoli from our little garden but, we will know what is in it.  Nothing funky, just pure broccoli we have grown ourselves.  :) 

The lettuce continues to give us much joy and our radishes are really good.  Both of us are enjoying our little experiment in growing.  We have seeds for our Spring garden to plant as well.  I know we will be starting our tomatoes soon.  I can't touch a tomato from the store, they are so acid filled, it just kills me to eat them.  We chose heirloom tomatoes this round.  I can't wait to see which ones are in the mix.  I fell in love with heirloom tomatoes this past summer.  They are sweet and tasty, not acid filled orbs. 

We also are going to plant corn.  I told Gary that we seriously need to think about breaking ground elsewhere in the back yard for our little garden to prosper.  There is one part of the back yard on the other side of the house that might just work out for our next plot of garden. 

We have fruit trees in the backyard and we planted blackberries.  If you have never had homemade blackberry jelly, then you have no idea what you are missing.  Mmmm!  It is tasty stuff and no, we don't use corn syrup, we use sugar. 

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