Saturday, January 22, 2011

Knitters Everywhere

Today I was at the local half price bookstore picking up books for the chapter book drive in February.  My main goal was to get history books for the little kids.  On my way back from the children's section, I stopped off and took a look at the knitting books and ran into a lady who knits but, she was lost...she needed inspiration since she had finished off her holidays with knit and crochet items for her grand kids.  She was at the bored stage with anything big or with scarves.  Who can blame her, I positively do not like knitting scarves...super boring.  I mentioned socks, she said no.  Oh well, I couldn't convert her, I tried. 

We got onto the subject of spinning and I gave her my business card since she wanted to see my work.  I even told her about Ravelry, I hope she finds it since she needed some sort of inspiration.  I suggested shawls since I just finished one and I am working on that second one. 

My fingers are so sore from knitting on the Multnomah.  I am still increasing.  I had miscounted my rows and here I am still increasing.  I thought I was near the lace section...nope.  So, I am still going, I need to get 10 mre increases in and then I can start lace.  It is always something. 

I found a cute little baby shrug on Ravelry, I might start next if I can find the right yarn for the job.  I have to do a stash dig.  I don't know if that yarn that I need is up here or down stairs.  I have yarn all over this house. 

I have discovered Jojoba oil for my skin.  I was so dry that I have to do something.  I have asthmatic skin since I am an asthmatic and our skin is horribly dry.  I invested in a bottle and my skin feels fantastic.  My face is loving this oil.  I couldn't believe how disgustingly dirty it was before I started to use this oil.  I use soap on my face, a nice bar from one of my favorite ETSY shops and I thought it was doing a good job until last night.  I put the jojoba oil on my face and then took a warm wet wash cloth and wiped my face down...oh ick, the amount of goo on my wash cloth tells me that my skin hasn't been clean in ages.  Now it is looking damn good.  I was shocked this morning when I woke up and instead of my usual dry patches and blotchiness my face looked great!  Nice and soft.  I am going to keep using this stuff. 

I wonder if I can use sock yarn for the baby shrug..if so, I have the perfect skein for it.  :)  I will have to see what kind of yardage we are looking at and then go from there. 

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