Friday, January 14, 2011

3rd Annual Worst Valentine Contest

 The Rules:

You must have received a gift.  If you tell me you didn't receive one, it won't count. 

If you have won in the past, sorry your past entry will not count.  If you have received something truly awful recently, you are able to play. 

Please leave your comment and tell me how awful your Valentine's present was.  Past winners have included septic tank cleanser, garlic press, and weed whacker. 

Contest Ends:  February 1st. 

What are you playing for this year?  Free yarn.  One skein of beautiful lace weight yarn.  This year's prize is Cherry Popsicle, a beautiful luxury lace yarn.  The yarn consists of:  baby alpaca, cashmere, and silk.  It is one of my hand painted lace weight yarns.  Value:  $36.00. 

Valentine's day should be truly special and sometimes the men or even ladies in our lives just don't get it.  If your significant other is completely clueless, you might have a shot at winning a beautiful skein of yarn.  I also include other goodies with your winning skein. 

Here's to getting a gift you will truly enjoy!

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