Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Little Slice of Heaven

This is our garden.  It isn't very big but, it has what we like planted in it.  Gary was busy today pulling out the rest of the hibiscus root that is in the middle of it.  I chopped around my plants to aerate the soil.  I have lettuces planted, the mesclun mix that was our target row for the bugs...they ate it, fine by us.  It has collard greens in the mix and I can't stand collards.  ugh.  Then we have radishes, and sweet peas planted towards the pool filter. 

I ordered in more seed and hopefully we will see those soon. I want to plant the broccoli, it loves the cold.  Gary dug up one of the roses that lived in the bed and it goes to Melinda.  She said she would take it and she wants my noisette but, the stump is huge.  Click on the bottom picture and you will see how big it is.  I will take out half of the lettuces, we fear. 

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