Thursday, June 26, 2014

Charity Knitting and the Shawl

I am working on two items right now.  I have the shawl which is coming along nicely.  I am working on it when I can.  I also had to go in for a follow up for my three month blood work check.  I took along a hat that I am working on for charity.  I didn't want to drag along the shawl and the chart.  The hat is small and works out well. 

I love the new book.  I have several projects picked out from it.  Then I spotted them one day, while I was perusing seed beads.  I found some root beer rainbow seed beads and knew instantly what I was going to use them for and which yarn.  I have a chameleon orange lace weight that has been sitting around for a while.  I decided to use the unusual colored beads with the orange yarn.  It should turn out well. 

This week has been a visit to the vet for shots for my oldest doggy.  He is 13 years old.  He is my sweetie pie.  Then I noticed the hound dog who is 12 years old has skin issues so, he has to go in tomorrow.  He will have to have surgery to remove several large lumps.  Poor old guy. 

I don't know who will get the orange shawl or scarf and then I had an epiphany...I can make a scarf for charity in lace.  Some child will love it, I hope. 

I have a huge line of knitting to do for people.  I am taking a much needed break on socks.  I have one person who will get them later in the year.  I am thinking of re-working her pattern.  I can do that. 

Chameleon orange lace weight yarn

Root beer transparent rainbow seed beads

Beads and yarn together

The shawl on Chart C

Close up of the bead work on the shawl


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back to Knitting

I am currently working on a shawl.  I started it last week.  I am using one of my own hand painted lace weight yarns, this one is a bfl/silk blend in cherry.  It is various shades of pink and some red.  It is really pretty. 

I have a new book of shawl patterns and found one that struck me as gorgeous.  It involves beads and a crochet hook.  I have found my comfort zone with beads.  The crochet hook is the way to go since it does not weigh down the yarn as you are knitting along.  It is a simple method as well. 

I take my bead out of my seed bead container, take the crochet hook and place the bead onto the hook, then I grab the stitch and hook it with the crochet hook, slip the bead onto the stitch and then put it back onto my working needle.  Simple and quick if everything aligns, if not, start cursing, put the bead back onto the hook, and try again. 
My new book

My bead box, my sticky notes for my chart

My yarn, Cherry

Rose colored seed beads, rainbow finish, found these at Fire Mountain Gemstones

Chart A of Kodama

A close up of the bead work on the shawl
I love the bead box.  It means no fighting with the crap little bag that some bead stores use and I have to use one of my bead boxes to store the things. 

Anyway, the shawl is Kodama and it is from this book, see top photo.  I pre-ordered it when I received my birthday money.  People know what I like, cash, gift cards, yarn, and beads...those items can never go wrong in my book.  Fiber is also another thing I like...I have some fiber that I am spinning on my wheel and on one of my spindles. 

I work on my shawl at night when I am sitting in front of the television.  It keeps me occupied. 

I made a new necklace yesterday but, I forgot one bead and so, I have to rip it apart and add the bead and then go from there. 

I also made another necklace last supply of necklaces is small right now, my basket of love was blown apart after Mother's Day.  I let all the mom's in the family take their pick of the basket of love and needless to say, there were hardly any items left in it. 
The pendant is a Lillypilly etched shell

The full necklace in pinks, roses, and turquoise
I used Czech druks, Swarovski, and other beads, that I bought recently.  I found a new bead store on line that has the most amazing beads.  They also sell Czech buttons, the glass ones that are really  nice.  I bought one of them and thought to go back and get more...uh, no more to be had.  Things go quickly at this bead store. 

I went to the water park last week with my hubby.  I spent my day in the lazy river.  It was nice.  I did swim some in the lazy river and even took a turn in the wave pool.  Love the wave pool.  I didn't ride any slides.  My left ankle was swollen and I have no idea what I did.  I wrapped it for 4 days and now it is back to normal.  No clue what happened with the thing.  No telling with me, either. 

Today I checked my pool chemicals and the water is still a bit cloudy but, not like what is was so, I went swimming for 30 minutes.  I skimmed the pool for some bits of grass and some bugs and did my laps.  I even used my new outdoor shower.  Hubby made it for me.  Love that shower.  Love that man.  It hooks up to the water hose but, after dealing with three previous outdoor showers....crappers all of them, I decided that it was time for something new.  He took pvc pipe and fittings, a primo shower head with the hand held line on it and voila!  I have a new shower.  He installed a new post for the shade sail over the pool and the shower is attached to this post.  He has to install the hook that will hold the shower caddy for my shampoo and my soap. 

I have another pair of socks on another set of needles but, I don't want to knit socks.  I want to knit lace.  I also have a hat on another set of needles.  Okay, two ufo's and the shawl, not bad for this knitter.  It could be worse.