Monday, March 14, 2016

Yeah, Well....

Yes, it has been a while once again since I have sat down and posted.  I am in the middle of the million pillow case challenge.  I entered in my DAR chapter and we are sewing for a great cause.  I am working on my pillowcases. 

I do have something on my knitting needles, a scarf for one of my many nieces, I haven't had time to sit down and work on it.  Other things have occupied my time, a swimming pool that is green, slowly cutting down a pineapple guava bush that has long since worn out it's welcome, and then a crepe myrtle that needs a nice hair cut.  Plus doing my chores. 

I have taken the time at night to sit down and bead, it helps me relax and be able to sleep.  I was noticing my sleep was being disrupted by life and I can't have that, I need that sleep.  Plus, my stress had more than doubled and my doctor changed my bp meds to another one which gave me a nasty rash.  I am back to my old meds. 
One of my pillowcases that I have been sewing for my charity. 
We are also changing out all the cfl bulbs in the house as we can afford to do it, we are changing to LEDs since I read an article about how bad those cfls truly are for the environment and for us as well.  Out they are going.  We are planning on recycling them at the local home store where they have bins for them.  Two boxes need to go.  I guess next pay check will include getting another box and the pricey ones will be for all of the recessed lighting we have in our home. 
I had bought a Ninja 4 in 1 cooker and I love the thing.  Thank goodness for ez pay.  I love this item, it saves me from cranking up the stove and heating up the whole kitchen.  I have noticed I am cooking more since I bought the thing.  I also have been making more salads for us.  I buy the items I need from the store and make my own, so much cheaper than the local salad restaurant that charges about $20 for a salad, I kid you not. 
I guess if people are willing to spend that much on a salad and also on coffee they will keep charging it.  I won't pay that for a cup of coffee, I have Honduran coffee in my house.  I had brought some back with me from our trip to Roatan and I fell in love with it.  So good!  Best cup of coffee I have ever had. 
 Me snorkeling on the reef in Roatan, my selfie.
 Some of the locals enjoying a day on the reef.
 A starfish, I happened to spot as I was going into the water. 
 My smiling fish friend, he went wherever we went while we were snorkeling.  He is smiling for the camera. 
One of the reef channels and some brain coral off to the left. 
Will I go back to Roatan?  Yes, in a heart beat.  We are going back this year on vacation. Have you ever found the only place you ever want to go back to?  We did.  It was so beautiful and so relaxing.  Very nice people, too.  If you scuba dive or snorkel, this is the place for you, if not, you won't like it.

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