Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is What I Know

This year for Christmas, I have already mentioned to my DH that I will not be spending a cent.  We have a roof to pay off right now and that cash going out.  So, I am lining up my yarns to make presents this year.  I am making him some socks which he knows about.  I am waiting to see what he is giong to make for me.  I have so many things I want him to make for me.  One of them is the yarn holder for the office.  I would love a chicken coop like shelf for my office to hold my yarns.  I will get with him later to talk about it. 

I have been digging in my stash looking for yarns.  I was invited to a church bazaar but, I can't decide if I should do it since I am gearing up for my festival.  I am trying to find out how much the church bazaar price tag is for vendors.  If it is cheap, I might just do it. 

Currently, I am knitting away and painting yarns for my festival.  I have a nice selection this year.  No, it isn't all listed in the shop right now.  I have yarns to wind out for the shop, they are downstairs drying right now.  I was busy yesterday.  I painted 9 yarns.  It was hot outside and I figured, might as well while the sun is shining.  We have had a lot of that lately. 

I am thinking of putting together the loom and doing some weaving as well.  It should be fun.  :) 

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