Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Hey, Phineas...What are We Going to Knit Today?"

Yesterday was knit a potato chip scarf and I am still working on it.  I also did a stash dig since I am looking for homespun yarn by Lion brand, it makes super comfy ponchos.  It takes 3 balls and they are so worth it. I made myself one last year and I love it. 

I have yarn sitting on the desk for mitts.  Those lovely fingerless confections that keep hands nice and toasty and yet, you can still pick up things.  They are great as gifts and so easy to knit.  If you can follow a color chart with your sticky notes than you too can knit them.  They involve stranding instead of two hand weaving via Fair Isle.  I know that several people have told me that I am crazy to knit a chart with two colors of yarn.  It is super simple people, it just takes the time to learn where to start the chart..hint...lower right corner for the left mitt and lower left corner for the right mitt.  Simple and as you move up a row, move your sticky note up with you.  See...simple. 

I noticed several yarn previews and it seems that mohair is back as a favorite for knitters...if you knit with it, a word of advice, it doesn't frog too easily, it likes to tangle and stick.  So, be wary of it.  And for those people who insist on chenille in their patterns, the crap worms like crazy and if you haven't experienced this...imagine being near a cat at the vet when they shed like crazy.  Well, that is how it is working with chenille.  Chenille flying every where.  Makes my nose itch just thinking of it. 

I found two hats that I didn't even know I knitted last night in my stash dig.  I was also searching for my tag gun since I finally got in my tag barbs.  I have to price things over here and write down washing instructions for each piece.  Always fun and exciting.  It takes a lot to get ready for this thing but, it is my one time of the year to shine and show off my hard work in person. 

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