Friday, August 12, 2011

Carpal Tunnel

I blew out my right hand courtesy of my carpal tunnel syndrome.  One of these days I will have to get it fixed but, that would mean taking off more time from knitting than I have right now.  I am wearing my splint and I am sleeping in it as well.  I just wish they made a more comfy splint for this affliction. 

I had to give up my membership to the golf club since I can't hold a golf club right now and that is $50 a month not being used so, I let them know to drop my membership.  I guess when it heals, I will go back and re-sign up for it.  They were pretty understanding about it.  I am thinking I was one of the only women out there.  I noticed it was full of men and no women. 

Still no rain in the forecast...we are so desperate for it down here.  My water bill is about $60 this month.  We usually have a $34 water bill in good times.  So, you see what is happening...we need rain. 

I am collecting seed pods off of the okra for next year's planting.  I also will be choosing which tomatoes I will have next year as Mr. Stripey for example since it is not producing since it is too hot here for it.  I am going for the Cherokee purple, that is the most amazing tomato I have ever eaten.  The cherry tomato is going to come back as well since it is a fabulous producer and the flavor is so amazing.  No corn next year, a big waste of my time.  Green beans did well until the drought started.  They were yummy.  I wish I had more space for a bigger garden.  Gary won't let me expand.  I have begged.  It didn't work.  sigh! 

Swimming tonight, I think to beat the heat.  I won't go out there right now since the sun and heat would rip my hide right off of me.  Ya'll have a safe and happy weekend. 

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