Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Notice the title of this post...rain...something we desperately need around here.  I hope it rains today since it is so hot and dry here.  The rain in the area goes around us.  It isn't fair. 

Yesterday, I spent my day on the couch..stomach flu going around and of course, I was the one to get it.  Gary had a touch of it last night.  Not fun...he also had a migraine and I had to put the cold, wet wash cloth on his forehead so, he could sleep.  Poor guy. 

I finished up one pair of mitts for the shop and I am working on a second set.  I had to rip out and restart a pattern since I realized, it is full of mistakes and will have to be re-written.  That is the way it goes around here. 

I was sent an interesting article about sand and a Kindle.  Basically, put your Kindle in a zip top storage bag should you decide to go to the beach.  Yes, I am thinking of doing just that.  I will have to pack two of them with me.  I love the beach.  :) 

Today is okra picking day and possibly watering since we haven't had rain in days.  Come on rain...we need ya now. 

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