Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scrubbing the Bath Tub

Today I woke up and started to sort clothes to donate.  I am getting rid of items that no longer fit.  They are being donated to women vets who need them.  The chapter is having a clothing and toilettries drive in September.  That is our big event of the month. 

I scrubbed the bath tub and even the toilet.  I am trying to make it rain around here, since we are desperate for it.  We need three days of rain.  Seriously.  It is hotter than...well, you know where. 

I am washing the dogs beds.  They need it.  Bootsy's bed is in the wash with serious hot water, oxy clean tabs and Tide activ lift.  I won't describe the smell other than really stinky.  Ewww! 

I wonder if I can drag down the quilts and hang them off of the coolaroo chains.  That would be a nice way for them to dry today.  It will save money by not using the dryer. 

I wish I had a nice clothes line about now.  I miss the fresh smell of clothes right off of the line.  Next house, I am having a clothes line put in. 

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