Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Ass is Dragging

After a long weekend of fun, festivities, etc...I am completely worn out.  Today I have to wash clothes...bummer but, it has to be done or I won't have any clean undies.  Sigh! 

Saturday was the annual parade in my subdivision and we arrived late to the judging so, we didn't win the float contest this year.  sigh!  There really weren't that many people out watching the parade, I think because it has been so hot and there was no scheduled activities since the heat and no rain cancelled out the fireworks.  Usually, there is a huge event after the parade. 

Sunday we rested and yesterday we went to a bbq.  It was nice to sit and not have to cook.  We ate like piggies and then sat and chatted.  We came home at dusk and spent the night on the couch watching tv.  It was the perfect end to a very nice day. 

I have plans to start on several pairs of little socks for my festival.  I have leftover yarn from other pairs of socks and toddler socks are great for using up any left over yarns. 

The forecast calls for 30% chance of rain but, I won't hold my breath...it won't happen.  I watered last night when we got home and I hope that will help my tomatoes and my okra. 

We have discovered the truly best thing in the world...grilled okra.  It is fabulous!  We did fajitas on Saturday and we grilled some veggies along with the meat and the okra was the hit of the whole event. 

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