Friday, July 8, 2011

Spinning Down a Dream

This is what is currently sitting on my spinning wheel.  It is a merino/tussah silk fiber, I picked up from Blarney Yarns on ETSY many moons ago.  I love the colors of this one.  I am on the second batt of this fiber.  I am still thinking about what to ply it with.  I may go with either the turquoise or a lime green.  Even a dark blue would look awesome with this colorway. 

The wheel is my Kromski Minstrel, it is a castle type wheel and it is my pride and joy.  I will do spindle spinning but, this wheel is by far the best thing I have for making fiber into yarn.  It is quick and it exercises my knees.  Always a good thing around here. 

I spin barefoot just so you know.  I have asked several spinners if they wear shoes and the consensus is barefoot.  I don't even wear socks, my feet are bare.  We are an earthy bunch, we spinners. 

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