Friday, July 15, 2011


Today we stopped on the way home at the golf center here in our subdivision.  They re-opened it and I joined the golf club.  Yay!  I get to hit unlimited balls whenever I feel like it.  Always exciting. 

Gary suggested I get out my knee brace and wear it while I hit the balls.  Okay, now the fun part, I have no idea where I put the thing.  I am so out of practice, I will probably be laughed off of the field. 

I found my clubs and I hope to be able to head over there tomorrow and take a swing at a few of them.  The best close to home.  No, I won't be walking over there with my bag and clubs...I will be driving my car over there. 

We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow night and it should be fun.  I have several people I have to give presents to.  July is the big month of birthdays in this family. 

I also worked on the Selbu rose charity knit mitt pattern.  I am almost to the thumb.  Very exciting. 

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