Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Avoidance Syndrome

I am avoiding the Yeti sock right now.  I turned on the tv and started watching QVC.  This place can sell a starving man anything at all.  I had to leave because I nearly added that Junior's dream cake to my cart.  I had to stop myself.  No cake, I must be good.  Cake is my downfall. 

Yesterday, I kettle dyed a skein of yarn for myself in a gorgeous red.  It is a custom color that I don't think I can repeat.  I am totally out of the base dye and the accent dye is plentiful around here.  I have plans to knit myself a beanie flap hat.  I need one for my cape.  I have a red cape that screams the need for a hat.  I thought a tam would have been great with it or a beret but, those two items leave my ears exposed and me being 41, I need my ears covered since the last time it was cold, my ears were exposed and I managed to get an ear ache.  Yes, I feel like a child.  You would think with my long hair, I would have been warm...nope, I had my hair up in a pony tail. 

Hubby took me out for lunch today since I am feeling so much better although, I get tired, really easily.  I need a nap.  I haven't taken one yet since I was watching the tv.  I did cut out a pattern for another zippy pouch but, I misplaced my interface pattern.  I need to find it and cut out my interface and get moving on this thing.  It is going to be a Christmas present for a friend. 

I think it will be well received. 

I was digging through my fat quarter stash and found some very nice fabrics.  I need more zippers though to do what I want to do.  Isn't that always the way?  I never have what I need around here.  I have plenty of thread but, not enough zippers.  I have to make a trip out for zippers at the fabric store.  I love the nylon zippers, I hate the invisible ones, they blow. 

I had to put Bootsy back into the cone of shame since he kept licking his paws.  He licks them bloody.  It drives me insane when he starts chewing and licking them.  He will have to have the ointment put on them again.  The stuff is completely nasty but, it works.  We are on our second tub of it. 

I hope Gary is almost ready for dinner because I am hungry. 

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