Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knitting Slowly

Right now I am working on the Joe sock, if you are thinking this sounds familiar, yep it is.  This is the second sock for my nephew, Joe.  He wears a size 14 shoe.  I have learned a few things about myself with this particular pair of socks, I am never going to knit another pair of these in fingering weight yarn.  It is just taking me forever.  I am bored out of my mind right now and my eye keeps wandering to other gorgeous yarns that I could be using to knit myself socks. 

I have to admit it...I am thinking if people want socks from me, they are in for a serious disappointment.  I am not knitting socks for anyone other than myself for a while.  I am going to be selfish and use this talent for me.  I washed my merino/silk butterfly fields socks and oh my...they are so comfy.  I reblocked them after I washed them and I am seriously in love with this yarn all over again.  No wonder why I adore knitting with it.  I come back to it time and again. 

I had ordered in some sewing patterns, I belong to a pattern club where I get a nice discount on patterns.  I have several patterns I want to do for myself.  I will need a trip to the fabric store when I am feeling better. 

I learned something new yesterday...did you know that lavender was at one point in time used to disinfect hospital surgeries?  It has amazing properties that I never knew about until I read an article about it.  It can cure many things.  I never knew this.  I have a bar of lavender soap that I adore and well, it is helping my poor old asthmatic skin.  I have the dry skin that most asthmatics have unfortunately.  My lavender soap is helping get it back on to a decent track.  Cold weather has serious effects on my skin, making it far worse than normal.  Lotions don't work on this skin.  I hate feeling greasy and sticky from them. 

I also learned that pleather has to be sewn with a teflon presser foot and a fine point needle.  The article I read basically said do not use the leather needle since it will leave great big holes in the fabric.  I had to order in the presser foot so, I can sew my rain poncho.  The presser foot was cheap but the shipping was completely outrageous since it cost more than the foot.  I have plans to zing the seller on that one.  What they fail to realize is that I ship things and I know how much it costs.  I don't like being screwed on postage, it just ticks me off.  I don't over charge on postage for my packages, I charge what the post office charges. 

I am also ticked off at family members who don't tell people they have moved until a Christmas card shows up with the new address on it.  I point blank shared my displeasure with my brother in law on this.  If he doesn't want us to know where he lives, then he damn well doesn't deserve a Christmas present and from now on he won't be receiving one from us.  Neither will his kids.  Think about that and put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Now, I am going to go sit and knit.  Maybe it will cheer me up, I need something to do that.  Maybe Ody will decide he needs me to snuggle with him. 

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