Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knitting Into the Wee Hours

Yesterday, I sat down and cast on for a hat for my sister, Melinda.  I had promised her this hat for a while.  My first attempt at it resulted in a small hat which I gave to Maribeth, it is really cute.  This time I decided to go ahead and knit the one for her again.  I finished it at 2 am this morning but, it is really sweet looking.  The yarn is a custom paint and it is called Drop Dead Gorgeous.  It turned out really well.  Pictures will follow later when I get my camera out and snap pics. 

Today I have plans to cast on and knit myself a hat.  I need one to match my cape.  :)  I was working on the sock but, put it down.  I am in the middle of the heel flap and I was bored.  I put it down with my count listed on a sticky note. 

Yeah, it is that kind of week over here.  I have to bake cookies at some point and head off to the grocery store for cheese, salad, and other things.  We are going to be hopping from house to house this year.  I have cupcakes for Maribeth since she loves chocolate, they were supposed to be for our play date, I am a good Auntie and I come bearing gifts.  Not my problem if she is sugared up when I leave, that is her Mom's problem.  :D

I have to dig out the marble board and get it ready with my tin of marbles for Saturday.  This game has been in the family since we were kids and I have the original board.  We do some serious marble playing in my family.  We play cut throat marbles.  We play UNO pretty much the same way.  We are all pretty competitive when it comes to games and we still to this day can't play Risk, a right hook or two have been known to come across the table and the board goes flying.  This is from the women in the family, the men aren't as bad. 

I thought of taking my dominoes as well.  I love playing 42 and it is time to teach my nieces and nephews how to play.  We learned to play the game from my Aunt Cecilia.  I have no idea how she had so much patience.  She did and she taught all of her nieces how to play.  I still play recklessly and I have had people threaten me with a spoon or two.  Oh well...not much you can do if you are stuck with the last draw and no two tiles match. 

It is fun though and we also need to teach them how to play Tarok.  I have my deck and I know I gave my sister, Cheryl and deck a couple of years ago.  The last time we played, we were in the game for 8 hours.  It was incredible. 

We do have fun together which is what my parents wanted.  We also look out for one another.  I guess most people don't realize how much if they don't come from a big family.  Being the youngest of 8, I sit and watch it all go down.  You never know what is going to happen between us. 

I hope your memories are as wonderful as mine are in this great time of year.  I hope you all have a very festive Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays for everyone else.  Be safe.  Happy New Year. 

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