Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Turn to Yarn For Solace

I am bad, I admit it.  I am also an enabler for people who need yarn and they don't know it.  I am on an email list for yarn companies that have quality yarn for cheap.  Yep, I am one of those knitters.  I also crochet for those of you who don't know it.  I spin, and weave as well.  I am busy.  Now to find the time to work with all of this luscious yarn.  There is the problem.  I never seem to have enough time in my day to do what needs to be done. My hubby tells me that I don't know how to manage my time.  I guess he is right, I am not sure though. 

My next project to take care of has to deal with my Sprigg's triangle loom.  7 feet of pure wonderment.  I fell in love with the thing when I saw a friend had bought one.  I had to have it.  It is a nifty item, just be aware that it takes up some space when it is all together.  It has a huge stand to go with it.  Although, from what I remember, it is not included in the loom price, it is extra.  Of course, you can always make your own if you are nifty with a saw and lumber, sadly, I am not.  I am not allowed around saws, with my luck, I would cut off my arm.  I like my arm, thank you.  I pulled out the yarn that I am going to need to weave with, it just has to make it's way downstairs and then the fun will start, I have to wind each ball of yarn into a center pull ball.  I get to spit splice it together for convenience.  I know some of you are asking...what is spit splicing.  It sounds gross and I guess it is but, it works.  Wool has scales on the shaft of the hair and if you apply the right amount of spit and friction, it will stick together.  The process is simple, take the end of the yarn, spread out the individual strands and do the same with the other end of the new ball.  Place both spread ends together in the palm of your hand and spit on them.  Now rub furiously together, making sure both ends are placed together, add more spit until they are together and won't pull apart.  Ta da, you have yarn that is now joined.  It only works with wool. 

Every year about this time, I get interested in lace and shawls.  I guess the cold makes me want to knit one.  I get part of the way through and I get bored.  Yep, I have that problem with sweaters, too.  I need excitement in my knitting.  Then of course, there is lace shawls via crochet.  Crochet is quick.  If you are ADD, this is the best thing, it goes fast and you can still use gorgeous yarns, it just takes more of it. 

I was perusing that free knitting/crochet site, the one that starts with an R, and found some gorgeous free crochet lace shawl projects, ooh, I can do these, I thought to myself.  Now, I just have to find my crochet hooks.  There is the problem.  I used to have gorgeous Brittany birch crochet hooks...notice, I said used see the problem is Ody.  He thought they were his chew toys and ate them, along with several pairs of new shoes.  He even ate a pair of 20 year old leather shoes that were my favorites.  I wasn't happy.  I bought them in college and they were on sale and so comfy, they were my dancing shoes, I always wore them out dancing at the bars.  My party girl shoes are now dead.  Grrr! 

So, I have to dig around and see if I can find a crochet hook or two to make something wonderful.  If you want to know if I have finished the Joe sock...Nope.  I am procrastinating on those and I do need to find his yarn and start the second sock.  It is just so big and boring.  I wanted him to try the sock on before I continued with the second one but, I don't think it will happen.  He lives on the other side of town and I am not going that way anytime soon. 

Anyway, today I found myself reading an email about crochet hooks, books, and yarns for cheap.  I even contemplated purchasing Addi clicks lace needles and cords...after looking at the price, nope, it wasn't going to happen and besides which, I have some Susan Bates silvalume knitting needles that have some killer points on them, they are cheap and they will work great for lace.  I have to use a nice bandage on my finger for those since I have holes in my skin from the points.  I get lazy when I knit sometimes and push with my finger.  We all do it.  I just have to put something on my skin to protect the finger from that point in the second layer of skin...painful. 

Back to my story, I found new steel crochet hooks, a book about crocheting lace, and some yarn.  The yarn is for knitting since it is a mohair blend in the most gorgeous blue.  I have plans for it for me.  No one else will be benefitting from that yarn. 

I admit, I keep the really good stuff for myself.  I pet it, and let it sit.  Now, I do work with nice yarns for hats, mittens, etc.  My sock yarn is primo stuff and I use it as well.  If you are going to knit socks, use the best yarn you can afford, it makes a complete difference.  Seriously.  If it is icky, it isn't worth knitting with and wearing it is a bad experience.  Really bad experience. 

Now off to the races, I have so much to do today, the worst being I have to finally finish laundry.  I have been dealing with it for 3 days now.  Sigh.  I don't want to deal with it anymore than this. 

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