Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sharing Time

I am grumpy.  I will admit it.  I have no idea why...could be I am just sick of all the bullshit going on right now.  Driving home the other night from a trip for chicken fingers from the spicy chicken joint, I was appalled at the driving going on.  For once, I wasn't zipping around in my car like an idiot.  I was actually doing the speed limit because I was tired.  I noticed things I normally don't notice like the crazy damn fools driving like they were all hopped up on crack.  I started to look around. 

This looking around has continued for a while now courtesy of this night of driving.  What the hell is wrong with people?  Do the holidays cause this or is this permanent?  People are driving like they have no sense whatsoever in their brains.  Weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off, and just being really obnoxious. 


We hit the grocery store last night to pick up our items for Thanksgiving.  We are staying home this year and we aren't headed out to someone's house.  I am rather looking forward to staying home with my hubby.  We are going to do a normal sized meal, nothing huge and the main goal was to use what we have around here.  Our Thanksgiving meal that we bought the last items for cost a whole whopping $56.  Not bad, I say.  The most expensive thing was the hamburger meat for the dressing.  I have a unique recipe I use, it was given to me by my Daddy.  He told me I could cook which was a shocker to me since I pretty much can throw anything together and to be told by the man who made the best food in the world, that I could cook was high honors indeed. 

Melinda wants me to go shopping with her for the deals of the year, I said yes, I will be wearing my tennis shoes for this one.  I already know.  I have one more gift to buy and that is it.  No more.  I am making the family Christmas gift for the women in the family, Gary is on his own as to what he is taking.  I want to make something unique and truly original.  You see, I have plans.  I am not sharing those plans because I think some of them read this blog. 

I also broke out the sewing machine.  I have a pattern for small zippered pouches and after trying to figure out how in the world they wanted me to work the gusset into the actual pattern...after three attempts, I threw the gusset out and made it my way, it worked out like I knew it would.  So, I showed off my work to Melinda yesterday and the first time I had ever sewn in a zipper, it looks great.  I had asked her if she wanted one, on the phone Saturday night, no, was the answer.  When she saw the bags, she sent me home with loads of material.  I am now making Maribeth several.  I will have to go buy some more zippers for my bags but, they are pretty cheap. 

I also have done so much charity lately.  One of those charity items helped someone complete their bucket list.  I wasn't going to do it but, I decided to go ahead and do it since for some weird reason God brought her to us.  I have no idea why but, she is meant to be here.  My other 5 acts of charity are done, and I have no more to give.  I have had to turn away two people already because I can't do anymore.  It has been a really bad year for the business.  I was seriously considering getting out of the yarn business because it has been so bad.  Then I received an email telling me how gorgeous my yarn is.  That really made me feel great.  I am still doing a good thing, it seems. 

I guess with the economy being so bad and so many people out of work, it is hard to justify buying yarn.  I know, I am the same way.  I have a load of yarn in my stash courtesy of all those sales years ago when I first started knitting.  I am using my yarn stash. 

I am also dealing with a sprained right hand.  I was trying to open a jar of spaghetti sauce and something popped in the hand.  It hurt like the blazes.  I have been wearing my splint and I can't pick up anything heavy with it.  It makes me scream in agony.  I had to give up my golf membership to the local range because I can't even pick up a club with it.  I can't hold the grip.  Trying to knit with it, is another story...for anyone who wants me to knit for, it isn't happening at all.  I can't physically do it. 

I am learning to say, NO this year. 

Enough of my babbling...I hope everyone has a very safe and blessed Thanksgiving.  I am thankful, I have a roof over my head, a hubby who adores me most of the time, except when I am being difficult, which is a lot lately, and 6 wonderful 4 legged kids, even though this past week was a new experience in hell with them and for my huge family. 

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