Monday, November 21, 2011

I Missed that Sale

I just realized something, I missed a sale by a bath and body company that I used to love.  I loved her products until I realized that she is so popular that I can't even buy her products.  So, I stopped creeping her shop.  Now, I received an email asking me why I have left purchasing items from her.  Well, if there are no products to purchase, how can I purchase them?  I moved on to other things anyway and since I bought that book on how to make my own body scrub, I decided to forgo buying her stuff...not that I could anyway, since it is sold out all of the time. 

Oh well...moving on.  I am currently sewing zipper bags.  My sister, Melinda gave me a huge amount of scrap fabric to make the bags with.  They are simple bags and very cute with just the right fabric.  My only problem, I need more interfacing and zippers.  So, I am off to the fabric store today to get those zippers and interfacing. 

I have discovered something, I hate the invisible zippers.  They are a pain for me.  Maybe as I get better at sewing I will discover a like for them or still an intense hate.  We shall see.  Why the sewing bug you ask?  I have a machine, I normally use my fat quarters to make sachets to keep the moths at bay, if you own wool and lots of it, invest in good quality does make a difference.  Do not use the stuff that has lavender oil in it, it will ruin your wools, use the good natural lavender flower heads, they are the best.  I found a lavender farm outside of Austin, Texas that does mail order.  She sells the flower heads in bulk.  I used to order from the UK but, that wasn't cheap.  Besides I like the idea of keeping American's employed. 

The yarn sale will end on December 31, 2011.  My shop has yarn in it, what you see is it.  No more will be coming to the shop.  I have no more to sell.  After the new year, more will appear as I get back to work painting. 

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