Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Charity Knitting and Me

Lately, I have had more and more people needing charity knitting and then there was yesterday.  I felt really awful that I wasn't able to help the lady out.  I have given to several groups this year and the really sad thing is that this lady has a noble cause, unfortunately with the economy sucking on so many levels, I had to refuse her.  Yep, I can't do anymore this year.

I donated the hats that didn't sell at RHF to a chemo group.  They were the last ones I had.  I hope they will help out poor souls who need them. 

The lady who begged me for assistance wanted cash.  I don't have any cash to spare.  I am on a tight budget and I was giving the one thing I had, yarn knit up into something.  I have yarn galore in my stash and I can help out that see it all started when I first learned to knit, I started buying yarn when we had money.  If I saw a sale, I bought yarn, good quality wool.  Now that we are in the lean years courtesy of the economy, I have something to fall back on.  Like Mom and Daddy always said, you put aside for lean times.  Well, they taught me well, I did just that.  Now, I have yarn.  I would make her something for her to sell but, right now, I am worn out.  Completely worn out. 

My right hand is sprained and I am working slowly on the Joe sock.  I am still on the first one which should give you a clue.  I am usually very fast knitting socks.  Not with this one.  I am going to have to find a way to make my hand work better.  Right now, it isn't happy.  I have been dropping stuff courtesy of that hand.  I can't stand for Gary to hold my hand, it hurts too damn much.  The fingers are swollen and it hurts.  I may have to find a mitt for it and wear that to help it out.  I have some single mitts running around here some place.  Yes, I am a one mitt knitter syndromer.  It used to be socks but, I have worked past that.  My next goal is to become a two mitt knitter and get past that syndrome. 

As a knitter, I refuse to stop but, when do I stop before I completely damage the hand or screw it all and blow the hand out completely.  I know that the hubby is reading this and telling me to not be stupid and stop working and let the hand rest.  I have to agree with him.  I am going to slow down and give the hand a nice time out and let it rest.  If I owe you custom knitting, sorry, I need a time out. 

Once the hand heals satisfactorily, then I will continue on my yarn journey.  Each project I knit up is a journey through life.  What people do not realize is that knitting does take time and yes, each piece is a part of time.  It is a relaxing journey and there is that section of "what the hell is this pattern talking about?", and having to rework it many times.  It mimics life.  The section of frogging evil when I am screaming in frustration and throwing it across the room, only to pick it up when I am looking for another skein of yarn in just the right shade...what do you know, I am going to work on this again and realizing how stupid I was to chuck it.  Or looking at it and deciding the yarn can be put to better use with a different pattern.  So, I wind it back up into a ball and move on to another pattern. 

For the time being, no charity knitting will be done, talk to me after the New Year and  I will think about it.  There are plenty of other knitters who have yarn to spare and the time, please seek them out. 

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone stays safe. 

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