Monday, November 14, 2011

Here...Let Me Get That For You

This weekend was something else.  I think I slept most of it away.  Saturday we went and bought our Christmas lights, LED's this year and they were on sale.  I used my rewards card and managed to get 20% off of the lights.  We saved a whole $14, which is nice. 

Gary started the light hanging process.  So far, looks good.  I spoke with one of my nieces and she said that she wanted to get the light hanging process started as well, she plans to start it this weekend coming up.  We both agreed that it just feels like it should be time.  I told Gary I needed some cheer. 

Sunday we went to lunch and boy was that disappointing.  I won't be going back to that restaurant, it wasn't good at all.  We came home and sat down on the couch, I fell asleep.  I had a bad headache.  I woke up 3 hours later with a worse headache.  It was just headache day. 

I did pick lemons off of the tree, and some of them fell off as soon as I disturbed them.  I took a huge bag to Melinda.  She was happy to get them.  I told her if she needs more, to come on by and she can have some.  The tree is completely loaded with fruit this year.  I have no idea what we are going to do with it all.  I have told family members to bring their bags to come picking.  I think this coming weekend, I am going to call them all and tell them to head over, the lemons are ready.  They can have a lemon picking party. 

My sister, Cheryl said that she juiced her batch and it is sitting in her fridge.  I let her know that the lemon juice is zingy.  It is a meyer lemon.  She loved how thin skinned they are.  Yep, easy to work with and very juicy. 

My okra is still producing and Gary informed me he is sick of okra.  We have eaten a bunch of okra this year courtesy of those 5 plants.  I think for my summer garden I am going to only plant two plants.  I am working out my plans for my garden for the summer.  I have my seed order ready to go.  I think we decided to only plant two kinds of tomatoes this next year.  We had tomato issues.  One of them was a massive vine that took up space and didn't produce a damn thing.  Total waste of my time.  Come to find out, it likes really cool weather...GRRRR!!!!  We are in a drought down here and cool was not the weather we had.  It was very disappointing. 

Hopefully, as we go along our little garden will keep producing what we like to eat.  I do enjoy working out there, it is very relaxing.  I just hope we no longer have a milk weed problem like this year.  It was awful.  The weeds were everywhere and I was weeding them out.  I couldn't keep up. 

Today I get to work on my pool...I am not very excited about that prospect but, it has to be taken care of already.  sigh!  I need to add water and figure out what is going on with it.  I know I have to load my chlorinator...ugh.  I hate dealing with chlorine, the stuff is completely awful.  sigh!  Just the story of my life. 

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