Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sometimes Life Just Intervenes

Lately, I haven't had time to post a thing...life has been hectic around here.  The month of October was fully packed with obligations between DAR and family.  Hopefully, the month of November will slow down for me.  I am ready for some quiet knitting time.  Time to just sit and work on the sock of the month. 

The sock of the month for me this time around is a size 14 man sock for my nephew, Joe.  I may have posted about it earlier.  Frankly, I can't remember.  Joe has been wanting hand knit socks for, well forever but, his mom a knitter, refused to knit them for him.  Since I just finished two pairs of socks, one for me and one pair for the hubby, who insisted they be knit in size 12, what is two more inches of knitting?  So far the sock is coming along nicely, when I have time to sit and knit on it. 

We have been discussing razor blades or the price of the cartridges...did you know the brand the hubby uses wants $13.70 for 4 of the things, and the really exasperating thing is the older razor that the company has is more expensive!  I refuse to drop $15+ on razor blades, just for 4 of the things.  He even suggested he buy a straight razor.  No, those things scare the hell out of me.  I don't want one in this house.  So, I was toodling through wally world today when I saw it....Wilkinson Sword Razor Tech 3 for $5 and the blades for 4 of them are the same price...$5.  That was a sold deal.  I even noticed a woman's version and threw that in the cart as well.  Same price as the men's and same price on the refills.  I brought them home and I tried out the women's version...works just the same as that expensive brand...it starts with a G.  The only place to get them is Wally world.  Oh well, I go to the one by Melinda since it is cleaner and less crowded than the one by me.  It is a smaller store, too but, that is okay.  I don't like being pushed, prodded or run over by a moron pushing a cart.  That usually happens in the one over here and I manage to always catch something in that store. 

I bought sock looms for the two older nieces, the ones who always want hand knit socks...I don't have time to knit for them anymore.  I have no time to knit for me.  So, I am hoping it will inspire a need to knit in both of them.  I can try to get them to learn the art of knitting and to better themselves with it. 

Now, I am going to find a huge glass of ice water and go knit on the sock.  Happy Fall to everyone. 

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