Friday, November 4, 2011

The Joe Sock, a Work in Progress

Here is the freaking huge Joe sock.  As you can see, I used a normal sized ball point pen as my scale object.  Not only is the sock wide but, it is very long.  I am working on the leg right now and then the cuff will be last.  I am going to have to bind off really loosely for this one.  This by far is the biggest sock I have ever knit.  The biggest, I can't stress that enough.  I would be lost without my sock wizard software, it has more than paid for itself over the years. 

The yarn is from Elann.  It is more conservative than Joe but, I thought it was a nice manly yarn.  From what my gauge is, I thought I would use more yarn on this ball than I have.  I guess the US 2 needles make all of the difference.  This yarn is comparable to Opal.  It will hold up to carpet quite nicely.  Gary loves the pair of socks I made for him.  I will get pics of his socks when I can get him to wear them and I have my camera handy. 

This yarn is a superwash wool and nylon blend.  My niece, Meagan said that is great since she can just throw them into the washer and not have to worry about shrinking them. 

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