Thursday, October 27, 2011

New for November

In November, I will be listing everything that I have in stock for the shop.  I am having a 50% off sale.  All the yarn must go.  What I have in the shop currently is small compared to what is in my plastic bin. 

Right now I am having a 25% off sale.  It ends at the end of October. 

As for knitting...I am working on a pair of size 14 men's socks for my nephew, Joe.  He has never had hand knit socks before and his mom is a knitter.  So, for his birthday, I decided to go ahead and knit him a pair.  He is so excited. 

I am using Elann's Sock it to Me Soft Focus in color 63 which is a tan, charcoal grey and black medley of colors.  I am knitting the socks on two Addi turbos size 24 inch cord US 2 needles.  I am on the first sock and I have about 4 inches of foot done so far, these are being knit from the toe to the cuff.  They move much quicker than cuff to toe. 

I am cleaning my home as well.  Just the amount of junk I have acquired the 9 years we have been living here is amazing.  It must go, I don't want to take it with me when we finally do decide to move out of this home. 

Now to prepare dinner and to continue working on the sock. 

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