Thursday, October 13, 2011

In a Foul Mood

Well Rice Harvest Fest was a total bust.  I sold one item and then it poured on Sunday so, we were forced to pack it in.  My sister sold 5 small items and one of her aprons.  Needless to say, the economy sucks and it is hurting small businesses.  Now I saw the news last night and they said small businesses are doing better...Fing liars!  It isn't good at all. 

I am having to rethink my business strategy and whether or not Drooling Over Yarn will continue.  I love my job but, it is getting harder and harder to sit and watch it not make a dime. 

I had several people ask me over the weekend where I get my yarns wholesaler.  How do they expect me to answer?  I am telling them the truth, my yarns come from my wholesaler.  No one else.  I guess they wanted the name but, that is none of their business. 

I am battling a nasty stomach virus that seems to be going around.  Yep, it is just me, I get all the crap over here.  I am trying to remedy that situation...I have a whole new vitamin regimen I am taking.  Gary looks at me while I pull all of my pills out of my pill case.  I am out of two of them right now and I am waiting for them to make it here.  I ordered them and they aren't cheap but, it is helping out my niece, Meagan.  She now sells Amway.  My niece, Sabrina sells Avon so, I buy my makeup from her.  I wish someone would buy yarn from me. 

I had bought my niece, Kate a sock loom I found at JoAnn's last week.  I gave her some hand painted yarn to go with it.  I will be buying another sock loom for Meagan since she looked like she was interested in it.  :)  If it will help them get interested in knitting, I will do whatever I have to to make it work.  Knitting saves. 

After I finish my mitts for the charity, and send them off, I will be finishing up Gary's socks.  I am on the second one and in my misery, I knitted on it yesterday and managed to get really far.  I am so shocked about this.  I looked at it last night and honestly I don't remember working on the thing at all.  Call me crazy but, I guess I did do it since I am the only one who knits around here. 

I am going to knit myself a sweater this year.  There I said it...that is my plan.  I have to go find a pattern that I like and I will be working on the thing.  I want something nice.  I have to find my software for sweaters.  I have it and I will plug in my measurements to figure out how much I will need to cast on and how much yarn I will need.  I want to pick a design I actually like for the body of the sweater that won't make me look bigger than I am.  I plan to knit it in my favorite color of purple.  :) 

When I dig my camera out of my purse, I will take a picture of Gary's gigantic socks.  They are freaking huge. 

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