Saturday, August 2, 2014

Working on Socks and an Afghan

I am working on a sock for my niece, Meagan.  She is the one who inspired the Meagan sock although her Meagan socks are sparkly Meagan's.  Yep, I am beading them.  When I find my camera, I will go ahead and snap some pictures of them.  I finished one and I need to cast on for the second one. 

I am also working on an afghan for a friend's soon to be hubby.  I have the yarn and started working on this thing a while back and hubby said no, he didn't want it.  He has his big blue afghan he snuggles up in.  So, I started showing off the picture and found someone who wanted it.  He doesn't know about it.  My friend approved it.  I am guessing he should like it. 

I slipped and fell onto my hands and knees Wednesday night.  Always so much fun to be me.  I was walking into my kitchen to refill my glass of water, when unbeknownst to me, I hit a patch of water on my tile floor, I didn't break the glass even thought I dropped it, and I landed on my hands and knees.  I am in a knee brace from my thigh to my shin.  I broke out the big boy.  This time around it is the right knee instead of the left knee.  I can't stand to put any sort of pressure on it. 

Since I am forced to take it easy on myself, I get to work on all sorts of projects...hence the sock and the afghan.  I also will be dyeing some sock yarn for another niece who wants sparkly socks.  I asked her what color she painted yarn for this project...."aqua" was the answer.  Well, that doesn't help me much so, I asked, which one?  Aqua blue or aqua green.  She replied with "aqua blue".  Okay.  So, I will be knitting aqua blue socks.  I am working on turquoise socks right now. What Kate doesn't realize is that her sister's socks are darker than in the pictures.  I will be using a darker bead on Kate's socks.  I just have to design her socks.  I am thinking about that right now.  I have an idea on what I want to do.  :)  She will not be getting Meagan socks.  Nope, I am getting sick of that pattern.  I need something new. 

I might even share it with my readers.  It is always fun to try a new sock pattern.  Something exciting.  I might even share the Meagan sock. 

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