Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Pairs of Socks

I am working on knitting two pairs of socks right now.  I know, if you don't knit, you are thinking I am off of my rocker.  Nope, this is what we knitters do.  We knit many projects at the same time.  Why do you think we need all of those needles?  I have several pairs of one size because as a knitter, I need them and I never now who will be hiring me to knit them socks.  I do professional knit on occasion. 

The first pair of socks belongs to my Darling Hubby.  The second pair of socks belongs to my great nephew, Eli.  This will be his first ever pair of socks that are made by me.  I am so excited.  I hope he will have nice and toasty feet this winter.  :)  With that being mentioned, his sister and his brother will also be getting hand knit socks.  I also will be knitting his Dad a pair of socks.  That will knock out that family since his Mom was given a pair of socks a couple of years ago.  I might have to e-mail her and ask if she needs a new pair. 

After I finish all the socks, I have mittens to finish.  I am still trying to work on my test knit of flowers everywhere.  I want to get them done.  I also have to write the pattern and update the chart to the mittens. 

I am trying to decide if I should knit my older brother a pair of mittens for his birthday.  I am thinking I will have to get moving on those should he want a pair.  If he doesn't, I might do a pair of mitts, they go over well with men.  I know Gary has the pair I knit him and he likes them.  They leave the fingers open to work. 

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