Friday, December 31, 2010

The Kitchen Garden

Gary and I planted a small kitchen garden back in November.  I grew up with a garden, my Daddy was a farmer.  I miss all of the sweet veggies we used to pick out of that garden.  Gary and I planted lettuce, we have a nice little crop of frills and butter crunch.  We also planted mesclun mix but, the bugs ate it up, they haven't touched the lettuces so, we feel that this is okay.  I noticed what is in the mesclun mix and now, I am definitely not touching it.  I hate mustard greens and collards.  So, I won't be eating any of those out of that patch of ground. 

Gary planted radishes and sweet peas.  I love fresh sweet peas fresh off of the vine.  I don't know if we will be cooking any.  We have to pull out two more rose bushes out of that section of ground and we will have more space for the seeds I ordered today.  :)  I will keep ya'll informed of what we are working with over here, when we plant again.  I had a coupon with Gurney's so, I used that and I was able to get my veggie seeds. 

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